University of Richmond School of Law is committed to helping you navigate law school. At the start of your first year, you will be assigned a faculty advisor who can provide guidance on course selection, career opportunities, and other issues. You will meet with your faculty advisor during orientation and then periodically during your time at the law school.

Many faculty members also serve as informal advisors to students who are not specifically assigned to them. You are encouraged to seek out faculty members who teach in the areas that interest you.

Additionally, the Admissions Office assigns incoming first-year students a Law Student Advisor. These LSAs are upper class students who volunteer through the Student Bar Association. LSAs meet with their advisees during orientation and often arrange for more informal meetings throughout the semester. LSAs supplement the advising offered by faculty and often address social and other student issues.

The law school also holds a number of informational sessions for students during the school year. In the past, these sessions have included discussions about courses, career paths, and clerkships.