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Education Rights Clinic

Law students in the Education Rights Clinic represent children and parents seeking appropriate special education and community-based services mandated by both federal and state law. Under the supervision of Professor Adrienne Volenik, law students engage with children with intellectual, behavioral, or emotional disabilities and their families to advocate in special education and school discipline matters. The Clinic seeks to foster educational equality and opportunity for all students, regardless of ability or need. Through the Clinic, law students are able to make an immensely positive impact on the lives of the children they represent.

Areas of Law
  • Education
  • Special Education
  • Administrative Law
  • Local Government Law
  • Child Welfare
  • Juvenile Delinquency
  • Mental Health
Professional Skills
Skills that Students Learn and Develop
  • Interviewing and Counseling
  • Negotiation and Mediation
  • Advocacy in School, Administrative, and Court Settings
  • Analysis and Collection of School Records
  • Analysis of Federal, State, and Local Education Law
  • Conducting Factual Investigations
  • Drafting Legal Education Documents
  • Advising Clients on Education Law and Policy


Professor Adrienne E. Volenik
Director of the Education Rights Clinic, Clinical Professor of Law
Office: Clinic Office "B"
Office Hours: Vary According to Court Schedule
Phone: (804) 289-8921

Jessie Munn
Administrative Assistant, Law Clinics
Phone: 804-289-8921

One Student's Story

"I think what the clinic showed me was what it was like to be a defendant, specifically one who really doesn't know what has happened to him/her or why. I want to be a prosecutor someday, but I want to be a fair one. I think the clinic made me aware of what goes on in the lives of the defendants. I truly believe that my experience in the clinic will make me a wiser, more compassionate prosecutor. I really couldn't have asked for better insight!" Kristin Puma, Law Student