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International Opportunities

Richmond Law allows its students to earn credit toward the J.D. degree through coursework at certain foreign educational institutions, so that students have the opportunity to access a greater array of courses covering foreign, international, and comparative law; to immerse themselves in different legal cultures; and to prepare themselves for an increasingly global world of legal practice.  In order to ensure that the objectives and requirements of such coursework are consistent with the objectives and requirements of courses taught at Richmond Law, coursework at foreign educational institutions and credit therefor must be approved in advance by the international academic adviser, pursuant to a written plan specific to each student.

The most popular programs for Richmond Law students over the last several years have included (in no particular order):

New University partnerships include:

Advanced foreign language skills are not necessary for a semester abroad-many of Richmond's partner universities offer at least a portion of their law curriculum in English, as well as in their native languages.

The accreditation rules of the American Bar Association allow law students to count a semester or year-long law study abroad program toward the six semesters necessary to earn the law degree.

For more information about legal studies abroad, contact Su-Jin Hong or a staff member in the Office of International Education.

Financial Aid

Financial aid applies to Richmond semester abroad programs. Additionally, financial incentives are available for law students who go abroad. These include:

  • A travel allowance of $500-$1,200 per semester to help with the cost of international airfare (allowance depends on location)
  • A law student allowance of $500 per semester to help cover various miscellaneous costs
  • Reimbursements for passport, visa, and resident fees abroad, when applicable (certain restrictions may apply)
  • Reimbursements up to $500 per semester for approved cultural and academic excursions
  • Reimbursements up to $200 per semester for gym membership while abroad
  • Scholarships (see the OIE website for applications and eligibility requirements)

University of Richmond Global Studio

The University of Richmond's Global Studio, located in the Carole Weinstein International Center, is open 80 hours per week and offers access to several language learning and review systems. Auralog's Tell Me More software is available for self-directed study in Arabic, Chinese, and Japanese. The Studio offers Rosetta Stone for Farsi, Hebrew, Portuguese, Russian, and Turkish and additional software for the improvement of French pronunciation. Other language materials are also available.

Henrico County Public Library System

The Henrico County Public Library offers access to Mango languages study system, which focuses on practical conversation skills. Languages covered include French, German, Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Greek, Hindi, Thai, Vietnamese, and more. Type "mango languages" in the search field at the top of the home page for the Henrico County Public Library System.

Any resident of Henrico, Richmond, or Chesterfield may register and borrow library materials from the Henrico County Public Library. If you are not a resident of Henrico County, Richmond City, or Chesterfield County, you may apply for a non-resident card for $15.00 per year or a temporary card for $8.00 per six months.