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Criminal Justice Debt Collection in Virginia: Going from Lose-Lose to Win-Win (2/18/15)

Defendants remain entangled with the criminal justice system long after completing their sentences due to the financial penalties imposed as a result of conviction.  Collection procedures and consequences for nonpayment vary across the Commonwealth, thus leaving debtors, who are often without the knowledge or proper assistance to navigate the system, facing financial sanctions that can push them into insurmountable debt.  Furthermore, it has been estimated that $170 million goes uncollected every year, more than half of what is imposed by the courts – a significant loss on the Commonwealth’s balance sheet.
This free CLE will focus upon the history of criminal justice debt collection, current practices and challenges, and what is on the horizon regarding reform.  Our speakers will also share how attorneys can assist individuals who are navigating the complex world of court collections as well as how to help get them back on track.


Dylan Bishop (L’16)
University of Richmond School of Law
Carolyn Kalantari, Esq.
Legal Aid Justice Center
O. Randolph Rollins, Esq.

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Environmental Law in Virginia: Hot Topics in a Hotter World (11/18/14)

In the United States, the net energy consumption has held fairly steady for nearly twenty years.  However, over the past decade, there has been a large increase in production of energy within the United States, with many claiming that the United States may reach full energy independence by 2040.

With this booming domestic energy production and growing resource development, our system of laws and regulations that seek to protect and preserve our environment are evolving as well.  The intersection of environmental law and energy procurement is acutely present in Virginia – from the development of natural gas pipelines to the effects of chemical storage upon water supplies – leading to this question: are our laws and regulations evolving quickly enough? 

This free program will focus upon the environmental law and energy regulatory issues that affect Virginia, including what the future may hold for both.


  • Noah Sachs, Esq., Professor, University of Richmond School of Law
  • Mandy Beasley Tornabene, Esq., Director, Gas Environmental Services Dominion Resources, Inc.

Date: November 18, 2014
Time: 12:15 p.m. – 1:45 p.m.
Location: UR Downtown, 626 East Broad Street, Suite 100, Richmond, Virginia 23219

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What Voter Identification Laws Mean for Voting Rights in Virginia (10/29/14)

The constitutionally-protected right to vote in the United States is considered fundamental to our function as a democratic society.  At the same time, with that right comes obligations for a fair process safeguarded from fraud.  Virginia has had identification requirements in place for years, but the Virginia General Assembly recently pushed through legislation tightening the definition of what constitutes acceptable identification, arguing that previous rules were too loose and did not combat voter fraud.  Critics contend that stricter voter identification laws will only result in suppressing the votes of minorities, the elderly, college students, and the poor.

This free CLE will focus on the new voter identification law in Virginia, the effects of its implementation, and Virginia's role in the national debate on how voter identification affects voting rights in America.


  • Hope Amezquita, Esq., Staff Attorney/Legislative Counsel, ACLU of Virginia
  • Kimberly Bowers, Vice-Chair, Virginia State Board of Elections
  • Henry L. Chambers, Jr., Esq., Professor, University of Richmond School of Law
Date: October 29, 2014
Time: Noon–1:30 p.m.
Location: UR Downtown, 626 E. Broad Street, Richmond

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