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Join the Carrico Center for Pro Bono Service during its annual Law Over Lunch series. Lunch will be provided, but advance registration is required (space is limited).

Making the Legal Transition: the Nuts and Bolts of Name and Gender Marker Changes (3/18/15)

Transgender is often defined as “an umbrella term for people whose gender identity and/or gender expression differs from the sex they were assigned at birth.”  However, sex assignment at birth is what follows members of the trans* community – from Social Security cards to driver’s licenses to passports – regardless of gender identity.  According to a recent survey, only one-fifth of transgender people who have transitioned have been able to update all of their IDs and records with their new gender.  As a result, members of the trans* community face barriers when voting, opening bank accounts, starting new jobs, and even purchasing some cold medicines.  
This free program will teach the importance of having identification documents that match transgender individuals' gender presentation, how attorneys can assist transgender individuals with name and gender marker changes, and the basics of representing trans* clients.  Attendees will also have the opportunity to volunteer for a pro bono clinic on March 21st at Fan Free Clinic, during which lawyers will assist clients in changing their name and gender markers with the circuit court, as well as updating identification documents (e.g., driver's licenses, passports and Social Security cards).


Rachel See, Esq.
Lead Technology Counsel
National Labor Relations Board
Washington, DC
Milo Primeaux, J.D.
AmeriCorps Legal Fellow
Whitman-Walker Health
Washington, DC

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Criminal Justice Debt Collection in Virginia: Going from Lose-Lose to Win-Win (2/18/15)

Defendants remain entangled with the criminal justice system long after completing their sentences due to the financial penalties imposed as a result of conviction.  Collection procedures and consequences for nonpayment vary across the Commonwealth, thus leaving debtors, who are often without the knowledge or proper assistance to navigate the system, facing financial sanctions that can push them into insurmountable debt.  Furthermore, it has been estimated that $170 million goes uncollected every year, nearly half of what is imposed by the courts – a significant loss on the Commonwealth’s balance sheet.
This free program will focus upon the history of criminal justice debt collection, current practices and challenges, and what is on the horizon regarding reform.  Our speakers will also share how attorneys can assist individuals who are navigating the complex world of court collections as well as how to help get them back on track.


Dylan Bishop (L’16)
University of Richmond School of Law
Carolyn Kalantari, Esq.
Legal Aid Justice Center
O. Randolph Rollins, Esq.

CLE: 1.5 MCLE (pending)

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