Additional CDO Services

In an effort to serve the needs of all students, the Career Development Office provides the following additional services and guidance:

  • Video conferencing: May be available if you receive a request for such an interview from a distant employer or judge. The CDO will work with the University to arrange for this option. Please contact the CDO as soon as possible to arrange video interviews.
  • Passwords: To obtain passwords for any CDO password-protected web site or page, please contact Susan Manning in the CDO by phone (804) 289-8638 or e-mail.
  • Reciprocity from the career services office of another ABA-accredited law school: May be requested by the CDO on behalf of a student. Students should visit the CDO office to discuss their interest with a staff member.
  • Confidential fax and phone services: Available for job-related matters. You may schedule a phone interview or call in our conference room. Call (804) 289-8638 or e-mail us to schedule use.
  • Transcripts: May be ordered online from the Registrar's Office.
  • Summer position evaluations: At the conclusion of each summer, the CDO asks students to complete surveys outlining their summer work experiences. These evaluations are searchable on Symplicity so students can learn from one another's experiences.