National Center for Family Law

The National Center for Family Law (NCFL) is committed to serving the best interests of families and children through academic and service programs that enhance the quality of the American legal system in matters relating to families and children. In doing so, the center brings together experts from a variety of professional and academic disciplines to address the ongoing evolution of legal and social policies impacting families and children.

Family law issues in modern society are increasingly complex and involve many different professions and academic disciplines. The interests of families and children are served through research, discussion, and debate on reforms and improvements in the nation's family law policies and processes.

Missions of the NCFL

Research and Public Policy Mission
The research and public policy mission of the center and the continuing legal and judicial education mission of the center are intertwined and mutually reinforcing. These two missions benefit law students who are pursuing a Certificate of Concentration in family law.

For example, a conference focusing on a particular legal or policy issue germane to family law is likely to promote research and scholarship through the generation of research papers and presentations. Such a conference would simultaneously serve continuing education needs by bringing scholars, jurists, and practicing lawyers together to participate in discussion and debate generated by the presentations.
The mission of the center is executed through a variety of programmatic activities, including:
  • Sponsoring conferences and symposia
  • Convening task forces and committees of experts to study and report on specific family law issues
  • Studying and reporting on family law issues that are incident to grants awarded by foundations or public agencies to study
Continuing Education Mission
The continuing education mission of the center brings scholars, jurists, and practicing lawyers to continuing education programs sponsored or co-sponsored by the National Center. The National Center has an international breath of interest and ambition. The center has an especially strong relationship with public and private agencies and organizations in Virginia—ties that are particularly significant in the pursuit of the center's continuing legal, judicial, and public education mission.
Elevating the Practice of Law Mission
The University of Richmond School of Law is committed to encouraging and facilitating the provision of high quality legal services within the community. To this end, the center sponsors a family law clinic, which provides legal services to low-income families. It also serves as an umbrella for the law school's Children's Law Center, which supports the Children's Defense and Education Rights Clinics and the Juvenile Law and Policy Clinic. Additionally, in conjunction with the Carrico Pro Bono Center, the center supports the creation of programs and partnerships with other bar groups and public agencies to promote and facilitate pro bono services in the field of family law.

Concentration in Family Law

The National Center for Family Law offers law students at the University of Richmond the opportunity to earn a Certificate of Concentration in Family Law to be awarded at graduation along with the J.D. diploma. Transcripts will also reflect completion of the concentration program. Learn more about the certificate program requirements.