20th Annual Robert E. Shepherd Jr.

Juvenile Law and Education Conference
Conference Materials

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Continuing Education Forms

Conference Presenters: Biographical Profiles

First Plenary: Understanding Adolescent Development

Second Plenary: Understanding Adolescent Development

2015 Legislative Update

Track One: Juvenile Defense Breakout
       Expert Witnesses – The Mechanics of Securing and Using an Expert
Use of Experts Outline
Relevant Rules of Court
Sample Motion to Appoint Expert
Ex Parte Motion for Expert
Sample Voir Dire for Expert - Defense
Sample Voir Dire for Expert - Prosecution

       Advocating for Children in DJJ Custody
Roadmap for the Future of Virginia's Dept. of Juvenile Justice

Track Two: Guardian ad Litem Breakout
       Turning 18: One day from Childhood to Adulthood
22VAC40-221-100: Providing Independent Living Services
Va. Code 63.2-905.1: Independent Living Services
Va. Code 63.2-905.2: Credit Checks for Children in Foster Care
CLP Financial Challenges Facing Youth in Transition
GAL Breakout: Turning 18

       Advocating for Children in Public
Advocating for Children in Public Hearing Before Hearing

Third Plenary - Ethical Issues in the Representation of Children as a Criminal Defense Attorney or Guardian Ad Litem