Recent Scholarship and Service


Carol Brown

Prof. Brown published Cases and Materials on American Property Law (Thomas West 6th ed. 2012) with Sheldon F. Kurtz and Herbert Hovenkamp.

She also published Inside Property Law: What Matters and Why (Aspen Publishers 2d ed. 2012) with Daniel B. Bogart and John Makdisi.

Tara Casey

Prof. Casey's essay "What I Have Learned Today" was picked up by RVA Mag, AlterNet, Feministing, NARAL Pro Choice Blog, and RH Reality Check.

She also published an op-ed, "What the Kerfuffle Is Really About," in the Richmond Times-Dispatch that was featured on Rachel Maddow's blog.

Dale Margolin Cecka

Prof. Cecka published "Persons with TBI in the Workplace: Implications for Employee Assistance Professionals" in Journal of Workplace Behavioral Health (2012).

Hank Chambers

Prof. Chambers published an invited book review, "Holy Writ: Interpretation in Law and Religion," in the Journal of Law and Religion (2011).

Christopher Cotropia

Prof. Cotropia published "What is the 'Invention'?" in 53 Wm. & Mary L. Rev. 1855 (2012).

Joel Eisen

Prof. Eisen's article "Residential Renewable Energy: By Whom?" which was published in the Utah Environmental Law Review (2011) and was selected as one of the top four environmental law and policy articles of 2011 by the Environmental Law Institute and Vanderbilt University Law School, will be excerpted in the 5th annual Environmental Law and Policy Annual Review.

Chiara Giorgetti

Prof. Giorgetti published "Challenges of Arbitrators in International Disputes: Two Tribunals Reject the 'Appearance of Bias' Standard" in ASIL Insights (June 6, 2012).

Meredith Harbach

Prof. Harbach published "Outsourcing Childcare" in Yale J. L. & Feminism (2012).

Ann Hodges

Prof. Hodges published "The Sheathed Sword: Union Efficacy in Nonbargaining States" in ABA J. Labor & Empl. L. 275 (2012) with William Warwick.

Corinna Lain

Prof. Lain will publish "On the Virtues of Thinking Small" in U. Miami L. Rev. (forthcoming 2013).

Shari Motro

Prof. Motro's op-ed "Preglimony" was published in The New York Times on July 6, 2012.

Wendy Perdue

Civil Procedure: Cases, Materials, and Questions (6th ed. 2012) with Richard Freer.

Conflict of Laws: American, Comparative, International (3rd ed. 2012) with Symeon Symeonides & Arthur von Mehren.

What's Sovereignty Got to Do with It?: Due Process, Personal Jurisdiction and the Supreme Court, 63 S.C. L. Rev. 729 (2012).

Litigating Federal Health Care Legislation and the Interstices of Procedure, 46 U. Rich. L. Rev. 691 (2102).

Noah Sachs

Prof. Sachs co-authored two reports for the Center for Progressive Reform--"Protecting the Public from BPA: An Action Plan for Federal Agencies" and "Reclaiming Global Environmental Leadership: Why the U.S. Should Ratify Ten Pending Environmental Treaties."

Prof. Sachs also published "Can We Regulate Our Way to Energy Efficiency? Product Standards as Climate Policy" in Vand. L. Rev. (2012).

Andrew Spalding

Prof. Spalding published "The Russian Federation Joins the OECD Convention Against Bribery" in ASIL Insights (June 6, 2012).

Carl Tobias

Prof. Tobias published "Filling the Judicial Vacancies in a Presidential Election Year" in 46 U. Rich. L. Rev. 985 (2012) and "Justifying Diversity in the Federal Judiciary" in 106 Nw. U. L. Rev. Colloquy 283 (2012).

Kevin C. Walsh

Prof. Walsh's article, "The Anti-Injunction Act, Congressional Inactivity, and Pre-Enforcement to § 5000A of the Tax Code," was published in 46 U. Rich. L. Rev. 823 (2012).

Presentations and Service

Joel Eisen

March 2012--Prof. Eisen presented his draft article "Distributed Generation and the Smart Grid" at the University of Houston's Environmental and Energy Law and Policy Journal annual symposium "Achieving Energy Independence."

Tamar Eisen

Prof. Eisen was appointed co-chair of the Leadership and Program Development Committee of the Association of Legal Writing Directors.

Meredith Harbach

Prof. Harbach's work-in-progress "Outsourcing Childcare" was selected for presentation at the Association of American Law Schools' mid-year workshop "Women Rethinking Equality" and at the Feminist Legal Theory Collaborative Research Network Conference at George Washington University.

Corinna Lain

Prof. Lain presented at the University of Miami's death penalty symposium in the spring. Her symposium contribution, "On the Virtues of Thinking Small," will be published in University of Miami Law Review (forthcoming 2013).

Kristen Osenga

Prof. Osenga was chosen as a Fellow at the University of Houston Law Center's Institute for Intellectual Property & Information Law national symposium in Santa Fe.

Wendy Perdue

In January 2012, Dean Perdue addressed the Richmond Bar Association. In July, she addressed the National Association of Women Judges and the National Association of Appellate Court Attorneys.

Jack Preis

Prof. Preis presented at a University of Texas conference on "Barriers and Innovations in Civil Rights Litigation Since 9/11: Practical and Theoretical Perspectives."

Kimberly Robinson

January 2012--Prof. Robinson was a speaker on a panel on single-sex education and a moderator on a panel on sexual harassment at the American Association of Law School's conference.

Noah Sachs

Prof. Sachs presented his article "Can We Regulate Our Way to Energy Efficiency?" at Wake Forest and Vanderbilt.

Mary Kelly Tate

Prof. Tate presented "Commissioning Innocence and Restoring Confidence: The North Carolina Innocence Inquiry Commission and the Missing Deliberative Citizen" at Maine Law Review's symposium on post-conviction review and at the National Innocence Conference.

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