Student Organizations

Alternative Dispute Resolution Society

The Alternative Dispute Resolution Society (ADRS) is a student-run organization that promotes the development of arbitration and mediation skills for Richmond Law students and the legal community. Intra-scholastic mediation and arbitration competitions provide a forum for students to develop alternative dispute resolution skills and those advancing to become ADR Board Members may go on to represent the University of Richmond in national and international competitions. The ADRS also hosts annual forums to introduce the community to the growing importance of the alternatives to traditional litigation.

President: Shannan Fitzgerald


American Constitution Society

Richmond Law's chapter of the American Constitution Society, a national organization of law students, law professors, and practicing lawyers that seeks to transform the conservative vision of American law today to one that promotes fundamental principles of respect for human dignity, protection of individual rights and liberties, genuine equality and everyone's access to justice.

President: Hillary Wallace


Animal Law Society

The Richmond Animal Law Society is devoted to increasing student knowledge of the legal rights and responsibilities surrounding animals, and to increase awareness of these laws in the greater Richmond community. We actively work with the Richmond SPCA to promote their No-Kill philosophy. We lobby the Virginia General Assembly to promote passage of strong animal cruelty laws.

President: Brittani Lemonds

Asian Pacific American Law Student Association

The Asian Pacific American Law Student Association promotes the welfare of its members and the school through educational, professional, and cultural programs pertaining to local and national Asian-American issues. It provides a social and academic network for its members, creates a more diverse educational environment, and is open to all law students.

President: Alex Lydon

Black Law Students Association

The Black Law Students Association (BLSA) serves as a strong basis for academic support and professional networking. Through these objectives, we hope to make the law school program a learning experience outside the classroom and to equip students with the necessary tools to make a difference once law school has been completed.

President: Carley Wyche


Christian Law Fellowship

The Christian Law Fellowship is a non-denominational fellowship centered around the person of Jesus of Nazareth. CLF exists to provide support, encouragement, fellowship and prayer for those dedicated to, or interested in learning more about the life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth. CLF also has a strong community service focus and offers volunteer opportunities in the Richmond area throughout the year with groups such as Habitat for Humanity, Angel Tree, etc.

Leaders: Caleb Routhier, Justin Griffin, and Thomas Chappell

Client Counseling and Negotiation Board

The Client Counseling and Negotiation Board organizes intra and interschool competitions. It most recently hosted the National Environmental Negotiation Competition, which was attended by teams from schools throughout the country.

President: Frances Christian


Council on Law and Economics

The goal of the Richmond Council on Law and Economics is to promote the understanding and dissemination of the economic approach to law, specifically in the Virginia legislature. It supports research and learning by law and business students and organizes events and activities in the Richmond area.

President: Roman Tedeschi

Environmental Law Society

The Richmond Environmental Law Society is a student organization dedicated to learning about and raising awareness of legal issues in the growing field of environmental law. Group activities include events with speakers, social activities, and fundraisers to raise money for local environmental organizations.

President: Ryan Murphy

Equality Alliance

Equality Alliance at Richmond Law offers a forum in which LGBT students and their allies can face social, political, and educational challenges with the appropriate resources and support. We hope to create a safe space for advocacy, awareness, education, and empowerment.

President: Natalie Shaw


Federalist Society

Founded in 1982, The Federalist Society for Law and Public Policy Studies is a group of conservatives and libertarians interested in the current state of the legal order. It is founded on the principles that the state exists to preserve freedom, that the separation of governmental powers is central to our Constitution, and that it is emphatically the province and duty of the judiciary to say what the law is, not what it should be. President Ronald Reagan said: "The Federalist Society is changing the culture of our nation's law schools. You are returning the values and concepts of law as our founders understood them to scholarly dialogue, and through that dialogue, to our legal institutions." The Richmond Law chapter works to create a forum on campus to debate and discuss the central tenets of the Federalist Society.  Many of our events are open to the public. We are a non-exclusive organization, so any member of the student body may join, regardless of political persuasion. For more information, please go to our Facebook group.

President: Kathleen Greene

Health Law Society
President: Kathryn Martin
Honor Council

The Honor Council adjudicates claims of misconduct under the Law School Honor Code. The Grievance Committee is responsible for investigating and prosecuting Honor Court cases. Members of the Student Advocate Corps are available to provide a defense for the accused student. If a claim of misconduct goes to trial, the Honor Court determines guilt or innocence and, in the event of a guilty verdict, imposes sanctions pursuant to the Code. Justices of the Honor Court, along with members of the Grievance Committee and the Student Advocate Corps are elected by the student body.

Chief Justice: Emma Hilbert


International Law Society

The International Law Society, a chapter of the International Law Students Association (ILS) is a global association of students and young lawyers dedicated to the study and promotion of international law. Generally concentrating on international and transnational law, our mission is to promote awareness, study and understanding of international law and related issues. The ILS seeks to encourage communication and cooperation among law students internationally and at home. We also strive to increase opportunities to learn about other cultures, business, and legal systems worldwide, and publicize career opportunities in international law. ILS sponsors the Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition, which is the largest moot court competition in the world, with over 90 countries participating.

President: Eugene Efimov

J. Reuben Clark Law Society
Jewish Law Students Association

The University of Richmond Jewish Law Students Association (JLSA) is a cultural, social, educational, and religious organization of University of Richmond students, staff, and faculty advisors who share an interest in Jewish legal issues, socio-political concerns, and in meeting the needs and interests of Jewish law students at University of Richmond. The JLSA strives to enhance the law school experience of its Members by providing programming and encouraging students to make an enduring commitment to Judaism, professionalism, and the community.

President: Brandon Metheny


Law Students for Life

President: Thomas Chappell

Law Students for Reproductive Justice

Law Students for Reproductive Justice is a student-driven, non-partisan national organization committed to increasing education and professional training in reproductive rights law. We support law student activism, advocacy, and networking in order to ensure that new lawyers can successfully defend and expand reproductive freedom. Law Students for Reproductive Justice was started in order to ensure that individuals, and not governments, have the right to make decisions about their reproductive health.

Co-Presidents: Lauren Hackney & Cassie Powell

McNeill Law Society
Chancellor: Sarah Bennett
Medical-Legal Partnership of Richmond

The MLP-R is an outreach partnership between the Virginia Commonwealth University Medical School, the Virginia Legal Aid Justice Center, and the University of Richmond School of Law.  It is a collaboration of lawyers, healthcare professionals, law students, medical students, and social workers which is designed to provide legal advocacy in a clinical setting.  The purpose is to improve the overall health of low income families and provide a means for them to obtain legal aid.  Students are able to engage collaboratively in a systemic advocacy approach to address legal or bureaucratic obstacles that adversely affect family health.

President: Brielle Hunt

Moot Court

Richmond's moot court activities allow students to test their research, brief-writing and trial and appellate advocacy skills. Students participate in intra-school tournaments that lead to membership on the Moot Court Board and on teams that represent the Law School in regional and national competitions.

President: Timothy Patterson


Muslim Law Student Association

The Muslim Law Student Association (MLSA) facilitates dialogue to promote understanding, tolerance, and the exchange of ideas among law students of all religions, races, and backgrounds. We also encourage the active involvement and integration of Muslims into the American legal system to promote greater diversity in the legal profession. Through its scholarship and social justice activities, MLSA promotes professional, spiritual, cultural, practical, and academic development of all law students.

President: Marium Durrani


Non-Traditional Law Student Association

An organization dedicated to providing support to students who are non-traditional due to age, marital status, life experience, family obligations, or other factors. We provide opportunities for law students and their families to network, participate in social activities, and encourage one another. We also conduct a "brown-bag lunch" with non-traditional speakers. We welcome all law students, both traditional and non-traditional, with the hopes that the diversity of our experiences will provide insight and benefit to us all.

President: Jessica Swauger

Phi Delta Phi

Phi Delta Phi (PDP), established in 1869 to promote a higher standard of professional ethics, is the oldest legal organization in continuous existence in the United States. The Madison Inn at the University of Richmond was founded in 1962 and is proud to continue our active involvement in all areas of the law school today. Active in both the community and campus, PDP hosts a variety of social, academic, and philanthropic activities that provide networking opportunities to our members and greater legal community.

Magister: Mary Horner


The Public Interest Law Association

The Public Interest Law Association (PILA) coordinates and encourages Richmond law students' efforts in the public interest. Our largest program is providing summer fellowships for first- and second-year students to work in public interest organizations. We work with the Dean's office in coordinating the Pro-Bono Publico certification program (based on your hours of public service while at UR law), and schedule service and educational programs throughout the year. We sponsor speakers to share their expertise in the field of public interest work.

Sports and Entertainment Law Society

The Sports and Entertainment Law Society (SELS) was organized to educate, inform and connect students with the sports and entertainment industries by increasing networking opportunities, hosting seminars and workshops, and building relationships with affiliated organizations. SELS tries to raise awareness of the legal issues in the world of sports and entertainment. SELS offers a forum for student discussion, career advice, fund-raising events, and notable speakers. It is our hope that these different experiences will increase student knowledge regarding the intricacies of sports, entertainment, and law, and how future lawyers can contribute to these ever-growing industries.

President: Aubry Dicks

St. Thomas More Society
President: Hayley Mohr
Student Bar Association

The Student Bar Association (SBA) is made up of the entire Law School student body because each student is automatically a member. The SBA and its members shape the academic, cultural, philosophical, recreational, and social aspects of life at Richmond Law. Each year the SBA elects an Executive Board, which consists of a President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary and Student Representatives from each class. The SBA Executive Board represents the student body to the administration, recognizes student groups, hosts students activities, seeks to connect the broader Richmond community, and manages budgeting for the student body. The SBA hosts several annual student events including the Law School Halloween Party, Barrister's Ball, and the graduating Class Gift Campaign.

President: Mayme Donohue

Website: SBA Website

Student Intellectual Property Association

The Student Intellectual Property Law Association (SIPLA) promotes the progress of intellectual property law. Each semester SIPLA invites lawyers in the community to campus to speak about their work in intellectual property. SIPLA also works with Intellectual Property Institute at Richmond Law and the Greater Richmond Intellectual Property Law Association (GRIPLA) to raise awareness of IP law among the student community.

President: Allison Rienecker

Trial Advocacy Board

The University of Richmond Trial Advocacy Board (TAB) is a student-run organization dedicated to fostering basic trial skills in our student body. Through both intra-scholastic and inter-scholastic competitions, TAB allows students to experience the role of a trial lawyer. In competition, students hone their skills by arguing motions, giving opening and closing arguments, examining witnesses, and arguing points of evidence before a judge and a jury. The competitions give students the opportunity to gain practical experience and demonstrate their skills to the outside world. TAB regularly competes in the American Bar Association Labor and Employment Law Competition, the American Association for Justice Student Trial Competition, the National Trial Competition, and the National White Collar Crime Invitational among others. TAB membership is competitive. Invitations to join are extended based on student performance in both intra-scholastic and inter-scholastic competition. TAB generally hosts two intra-scholastic competitions per year.

President: Katy Groover


Veterans and Military Law Association

The mission of the Veterans and Military Law Association (VMLA) is to establish a supportive network for students who are veterans of the armed forces, students interested in serving upon graduation, and students with family members or close friends who are associated with the military. In addition, we strive to serve as a platform to promote veterans' issues on campus and in the community.

President: Greg Collins
Vice President: Albert Flores

Visit VMLA's Facebook group.

Virginia Bar Association Law School Council

The University of Richmond Virginia Bar Association Law School Council (UR LSC), formed in 2001, is an energetic organization committed to developing professional skillsets for Richmond Law students. The UR LSC's goals are to inspire in students a commitment to public service and to the bar, to assist students in reaching their career goals, to promote a collegial practice of law, and to provide opportunities for fostering relationships between local attorneys and current law students. Students participating in the UR LSC hope to play a larger role in the legal community, both in Richmond and in the grater Commonwealth. Recent events include networking opportunities at local restaurants, professional development workshops with the Career Development Office, and the annual Spring Symposium. Membership is free to all students currently enrolled full-time at the University of Richmond. For more information or questions regarding membership, please contact the current President.

President: Jen Wuebker

Women's Law Student Association

The University of Richmond's Women's Law Student Association (WLSA) works to enhance the quality of life of the women law students at the University of Richmond School of Law through service to the surrounding community organizations dedicated to improving the lives of women through the legal system. WLSA also offers social networking and mentoring with successful women attorneys in the Richmond area, and social events for women within the Law School community.

President: Britney McPheron