Staff & Faculty Directory

Staff and faculty will be relocated in phases while their offices are under construction. The current list of relocated offices is below. Most relocated offices are in Sarah Brunet (SB) Hall, which is located directly across the street from the entrance of the Law School, by the football stadium (Building #206 on the campus map). Note that several staff members will remain in the building in different spaces for student accessibility.

Dean's Office
Wendy Perdue Law School 251C
Jack Preis Law School 255
Alex Sklut Law School 253
Sue Altorelli SB 101
Leigh Deignan SB 131
Mary Ruth Walters SB 129
Sharon Krol SB 134
Katy Olney SB 130
Will Thompson Law Library Circulation Desk
Admission's Office
Michelle Heck SB 105B
Rosanne Ibanez SB 105D
Fiona McCormick SB 105C
Brandon Metheny SB 105E
Terry Poland SB 105A
Career Development Office
Janet Hutchinson SB 116
Aaron Campbell SB 125
Kathy Greenier SB 124
Liz Jones SB 115
Kym Osterbind SB 122
Dawn Siedlecki SB 123
Carole Yeatts SB 126
Carol Brown SB 107
Tara Casey SB 107A
Rebecca Crootof Law School 251B
Christopher Corts SB 144
Chris Cotropia SB 303
Susan Dudley SB 105F
Meredith Harbach SB 113
Linda Lin Law School 207
Leigh Melton SB 120
Luke Norris Spring Sabbatical - No Office
Emmy Reeves SB 112
Doron Samuel-Siegel SB 145
Jonathan Stubbs SB 109
Rachel Suddarth SB 119
Administrative Team
Tracy Cauthorn SB 108
Ashley Griffin SB 137
Leslee Stone SB 136