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Michelle Rahman
Associate Dean for Admissions, Admissions

Dean Michelle Rahman has been director of Admissions at the University of Richmond School of Law since 1990, and has been associated with the Office of Admissions since 1985. In her position, Dean Rahman manages the full admissions process, from recruiting prospective students and evaluating applications to facilitating decision-making with the Admissions Committee. She also administers financial aid and scholarships for the law school in addition to arranging on-campus housing for law students. From September to November of each year, Dean Rahman travels the entire country, personally meets thousands of prospective students on the road, as well as hundreds more in her office.

For more information on the law school admissions process, Dean Rahman has prepared the following materials:

Applying to Law School Can Be Frustrating can change that
Readin', Ritin', Relaxation: The 3 R's of Preparing for Law School

Contact Information
Room 106-B, Law School
(804) 289-8189
(804) 289-6156 (Fax)