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Community Engagement

Looking for the ways to support your local community during troubled times? The Carrico Center for Pro Bono and Public Service is reaching out to local community partners to identify remote volunteer opportunities to help those most in need.

To share a volunteer opportunity, or for other inquiries, please contact Professor Tara Casey, Director of the Carrico Center:  

Support the Virginia Interfaith Center for Public Policy

Help VICPP support undocumented immigrants living and working in Virginia by translating documents into Spanish and other languages. Contact: 

Use your communication skills to support VICPP's social media team. You can also write and submit op-eds or letters-to-the editor on VICPP priority issues. Contact: 

Use your research skills to collect and compile information about attorneys who might help with wage theft cases in Virginia, or gather information about congregations in Virginia that serve immigrants. Contact: 

  • Benjamin Hoyne,
Eviction Legal Helpline Volunteer Opportunities

Due to the precautionary measures taken in Virginia to combat coronavirus, many residents have lost their incomes, which will have a cascading effect upon their ability to maintain their monthly rent payments. The Eviction Legal Helpline was established by the Virginia Poverty Law Center and the Campaign to Reduce Evictions as a free resource to provide tenants facing eviction or lease termination with legal information, specific legal advice from an attorney, and referrals to other providers or services.

The University of Richmond School of Law hosted a special webinar with the Virginia Poverty Law Center to recruit/train law students and soon-to-be-grads to volunteer for the statewide Eviction Legal Helpline.

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JusticeServer Pro Bono Referral System Training

JusticeServer is a digital tool that enables attorneys to volunteer their time for pro bono cases from legal services providers. It also allows them to connect with clients in need of legal expertise.

The Greater Richmond Bar Foundation will host a webinar for law students to connect them with JusticeServer in an effort to get volunteers lined up and ready to activate in designated areas of need in the months ahead.

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During this time, Professor Tara Casey is maintaining a list of local outreach and volunteer opportunities in the local community. Check out her RVATogether spreadsheet for daily updates.