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Please see the sections below for updates as they become available. Note that this information is subject to change pending the current health situation and University policy. 

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  • Fall 2021 Updates


    The Law School will hold full in-person instruction with the semester beginning as scheduled on August 23 and ending December 17, including the traditional fall and Thanksgiving breaks as well as a one-week pre-exam study period. See the academic calendar here.   

    Vaccine Requirement and Required Reporting of Vaccine Status 

    • Now that one of the COVID-19 vaccines has received full approval from the FDA, the University requires that all students, faculty, and staff receive a COVID-19 vaccine. Learn more.
    • As is our current practice for other required vaccines, students, faculty, and staff may seek a medical or religious exemption from the vaccine requirement. You may also seek an exemption from the requirement to have a COVID-19 vaccine based on strong personal convictions. Information on how to seek an exemption will be provided in the near future. People who are not fully vaccinated will continue to be subject to arrival and prevalence testing and the University’s mask policy
    • All students are required to report vaccine status to the University through the Student Health Center portal and to update their status within five days of any change in status. 
    • Read the full policy and access FAQs.


    Mask Policy

    Students, faculty, staff, and visitors that are vaccinated and unvaccinated will be required to wear masks indoors (with several exemptions). Please review the full Masks on Campus Policy.



    Starting in the fall semester, the University will not be offering remote study. Our classrooms will be restored to traditional physical arrangements. We also will not be offering “blended” learning where faculty teach students in-person and online simultaneously. Although this form of instruction was necessary last year, our strength is dynamic instruction in small classes organized around robust discussion. We look forward to doing just that this fall. 

    We will maintain the Physical Distancing Framework for the fall semester and will update it as appropriate. We are currently in the Lime Stage of the Framework.

    You can find more details on these updates on the University’s Fall 2021 page.

  • Facilities & Building Access

    The building is accessible to students, faculty, and staff. The building is closed to visitors except by appointment only. Mask policies apply to all visitors.

  • Absences & Recording Policy

    COVID-Related Absences

    Do not attend class if you feel sick. Do not attend class if you have been diagnosed with COVID-19. Do not attend class if you are unvaccinated and have been exposed to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19. Our attendance policy, found here, states that any student who fails to attend at least 75% of a course’s required sessions or their equivalent (as determined by the professor, in consultation with the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and in conformance with the University’s Religious Observance Policy) will not pass the course. This requirement applies regardless of whether the absences are excused and regardless of any individual professor’s attendance policy (although an individual professor may impose a more demanding requirement for his or her course). If you have to miss class due to COVID-19 symptoms or exposure, email your professors to let them know and copy me. Whenever possible, we will plan for you to view a recording of the class meeting or engage in another activity as an equivalent for live attendance.

    Class Recording Policy

    Our class recording policy can be found here. TLDR, students may request that a class be recorded in the event of extraordinary circumstances (i.e., COVID-19 exposure or symptom, family emergency, vital/immovable events, etc.) that prevent their attendance in class.

    To request recordings, email your professor(s) and copy me with your request, and we will make plans to give you access to a recording with professor permission.

  • Library

    Access to the Law Library is restricted the Richmond campus community. View library building and service hours online.

    For the 2021-2022 academic year, the law library provides spaces for student study, including group study rooms, open tables and carrels.  We use a reservation system for all study rooms and some individual carrels.  We have a limited number of carrels available for law student use during the academic year.  With this, you can have a space to study that includes locked storage.