Welcome to the Richmond Legal Business Design Hub

The Richmond Legal Business Design Hub is a new academic and co-curricular program that delivers leading-edge competitive skills to law students. Our mission is to teach our students skills and expertise focused on strategy, operations, and design of organizations and teams that deliver legal services. Our vision is a generation of lawyers who possess not just a legal mind, but also an entrepreneur’s mind. This combination of mindsets will guide them to create innovative business models that improve the reach and effectiveness of legal services. 

As the legal profession faces a growing call to modernize, become more accessible and inclusive, and address the growing challenges found within our daily lives, law students must be equipped with a new and different set of competencies. Business Design is the core discipline and methodology that can get them there. It combines the human-centered focus of design with the economic and market focus of business and strategy. Lawyers who apply business design significantly strengthen their ability to differentiate, deliver meaningful client experiences, operate efficiently, and create a more productive and healthy culture. 

To maximize the impact on the student, the design hub frequently partners with practicing lawyers and business leaders throughout the global legal ecosystem. These collaborations impart practical skills in students as they research real problems and address real challenges. Such an approach also benefits students by creating a network of potential mentors and connections.  

The Richmond Legal Business Design Hub is led and directed by Professor Josh Kubicki.