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  • The Evil Twin Debate series is founded on the notion that experts are often at loggerheads on important issues of IP policy, yet remain friendly on a personal level. The series therefore brings together pairs of scholars who disagree on an important IP topic, but who can air their disagreements in a friendly exchange—serious in substance but lighthearted in tone.
  • The Virtual Workshop series brings together IP experts to evaluate and comment on draft papers, all without leaving the comfort of their own offices.  Instead, the collaboration takes place on the Virtual Workshop website. The IPI periodically selects a paper, solicits two scholars to write in-depth commentary, and then "opens up the floor" for other experts to share their views. The author and commentators then respond as they see fit. Each workshop lasts approximately one week.
  • The IP Institute and the Student IP Law Association host a lunchtime lecture series featuring prominent legal experts from top law firms, government, and Fortune 500 companies, who present hot topics in IP and give practical advice for students entering the field. If you are interested in attending or participating, please contact us.

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