John Dickinson, L'22

John's headshot

We are excited to spotlight another member of the Richmond Law & Business Forum! John Dickinson is a 2L who worked with Mayesha Alam to plan the Forum’s conversation about Richmond's start-up community.

Why did you decide to join the Richmond Law & Business Forum?

In a previous life, I worked for the Virginia Chamber of Commerce. While there, I saw the role that lawyers play in shaping the institutional priorities of a business, especially with respect to the government. I joined the Richmond Law & Business Forum to hear more about how both people in those roles and their principals viewed their jobs.

As one of the founding board members of the Richmond Law & Business Forum, what are your goals for the organization?

My goal for the organization is for it to become a place where discussions about the practical concerns of both attorneys and their clients occur, with an eye toward giving future practitioners in the field a basic understanding of the kinds of issues that are being talked about in business law today.

What are your own career goals?

My own career goals are to work in the public policy space, preferably building on my prior experience at the Chamber to work on business issues.

What is your favorite thing about Richmond Law?

What I like most about Richmond Law is its relatively small size, which not only allows for a greater degree of interaction between professors and students, but also creates a greater number of opportunities to get involved with the school community.