Camera Elliott, L'23

Camera's headshot

We are excited to spotlight another member of the Richmond Law & Business Forum’s student board! Camera Elliott is a 2L who is enrolled in our joint JD/MBA program, so she is getting her MBA at the same time as her law degree. We asked her to share her experiences in that program, as well as thoughts on other law school activities. 

Why did you decide to join the Richmond Law & Business Forum?

Coming into law school from a corporate job, I knew I wanted to work with businesses. The Richmond Law & Business Forum was the perfect organization to help me connect with local business lawyers while also narrowing down the type of business practice I want to work in after graduation. 

Why did you decide to pursue a joint degree?  What has your experience been like in the program?

I'm pursuing my JD/MBA to better understand businesses and the decisions that they make. Law firms are a form of business so I think it is important to understand how they work. Since my goal is to work with business leaders as well, I want to understand what they really care about and how it leads to seeking legal advice. The experience, while challenging, is wonderful. I have learned from and met so many incredible business leaders who have challenged my thinking.

You are also involved with the Legal Business Design Hub.  Why did you decide to get involved with this program?  How do you see it intersecting with your future career goals?

Innovation and entrepreneurs have always peaked my interest and the Legal Business Design Hub is the perfect opportunity to explore it. The legal field has a current push to modernize, and the design hub has allowed me to network with local attorneys currently working on these projects. My ideal future career would allow me to suggest opportunities to help strategize on how the firm can be more efficient in conducting business that would lead to lower costs for clients or easier access to the legal field. 

What is your favorite part of Richmond Law? 

My favorite part of Richmond Law has always been the people. Everyone is friendly and the faculty truly go out of their way to get to know you outside of class. Since I came from a larger undergraduate school, it is very nice to not feel like a number in the law school and be recognized by name even when wearing a mask. 

If you could change one thing about Richmond Law, what would it be?

I would honestly change the amount of time I have left. Every semester there are so many classes and opportunities that I want to be involved in that force me to make hard decisions. I've enjoyed all the classes I have taken so far but know there are so many more I am unable to take simply due to a lack of time. 

Thanks, Camera!