Adam Hade, L'23

adam hade
The Richmond Law & Business Forum is excited to spotlight our student board members! This member spotlight features Adam Hade, a 3L at Richmond Law who is helping to plan a dinner on mergers & acquisitions law and an event with alumni who have left the law to join the business world.

Q. Why are you interested in business law? What are your career goals?

A. I am interested in business law because it is a lucrative and rewarding career path. Since starting law school, I have been trying to figure out how my legal knowledge will fit into a business career. I have heard from other lawyers that having a legal background has given them a competitive advantage in the workforce. I think that business law is most in line with my career and life goals. My top career goal is to be an entrepreneur, but in the meantime, I want to sharpen my legal skills in a business environment that will prepare me for any professional challenges I may face in the future.

Q. Why did you join the Richmond Law & Business Forum? What has been your favorite Richmond Law & Business Forum event?

A. I joined the Richmond Law & Business Forum because it holds events that are interesting and engaging for students interested in the intersection of business and law. I also saw joining the Forum as an opportunity to network with my peers as well as the attorneys who participate in Forum events. My favorite classes thus far in law school have been business focused, so joining the club associated with those classes felt like a no brainer! Being a part of the Forum has exposed me to different areas of business law and has taught me what practice areas I might be more interested in than others.

My favorite Forum event was the panel discussion on Theranos because I was taking Securities Regulation at the time and it provided a real time example of the material we were covering in class.

Q. What is your favorite thing about Richmond Law?

A. My favorite thing about Richmond Law is meeting new people who are interested in the same things I am interested in. Also, as a Richmonder it makes me proud to attend the University that many prominent members of the community have attended and supported throughout the years.

Q. Any fun or quirky facts about you that you are willing to share?

A. I am a major sports junkie who loves to play golf and played in college for Hampden-Sydney.