Mariah Riley

Mariah Riley
The Richmond Law & Business Forum is excited to spotlight our student board members! This post features Mariah Riley, a 2L at Richmond Law who is helping to organize a dinner on securities law as well as an event with recent alumni who have joined business law practices.

Q. Why did you join the Richmond Law & Business Forum? What has been your favorite Richmond Law & Business Forum event?

A. I joined the Richmond Law & Business Forum because I want exposure to various types of business law. It's nearly impossible to take every business law course that Richmond offers, but the Forum allows me to learn and experience different areas through all of the events it offers. My favorite so far has been the Business Law Over Dinner event, where I had dinner with private equity and securities lawyers and learned about their areas of practice.

Q. What has been your favorite business law course that you have taken so far?

A. I am really looking forward to taking corporate governance, mergers and acquisitions, and securities regulation. I'm currently taking antitrust with Dean Osenga, and I've loved the material we have covered in there so far!

Q. What is your favorite thing about Richmond Law?

A. My favorite thing about Richmond Law is the sense of community. Most people think of law school as a competitive environment where everyone is against each other, but that has been far from my experience. Everyone here wants you to succeed, and it's easy to form lasting relationships with students and professors. Law school is hard, but having supportive people around you makes it a lot easier.