London Externship Program

The London Externship Program will take place June 10-July 9, 2023. Applications will open December 1st, 2022.

In the four-week London Externship Program, students assume the role of a lawyer in one of the world’s most vibrant cities. Placement opportunities include positions with barristers, solicitors, legal aide centers, and members of Parliament. Students become immersed in Britain’s legal culture and perform varied, substantive work. Often, there is direct client contact. Students also learn about the U.K.’s legal system and laws as well as those of other countries, particularly the E.U. and the U.S.

Students’ practical experiences are further enriched through academic inquiry and study. Students attend a weekly two-hour seminar, submit weekly reflective journals, and receive both midterm and final evaluations from the placements. By the end of the clinic semester, students are more comfortable defining their role as a lawyer; have gained greater confidence in their lawyering skills, their substantive legal knowledge, and their ability to adapt to new environments; and have developed a deeper appreciation of the profession’s values.

The summer program is a pass/fail course and is offered for four academic credit hours. Students work forty hours a week, five days a week, at their assigned placements. The program is directed by a full-time University of Richmond faculty member and is offered in conjunction with Anglo Educational Services (“Anglo”), which assists with the administrative and academic aspects of the program. Anglo also serves as the approved visa sponsor for all students and assists with the visa process.


Prospective Placements

The law school works with Anglo to develop placements. Selection criteria include need, subject matter area, student interest, the quality of the substantive legal experience offered, and the placement’s commitment to excellence in teaching and mentoring students. All placements go through a review process. Supervising lawyers, called field instructors, must have a minimum of three to four years of experience. If interested, please contact Professor Alexandra Silva at 804-662-3109.

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  • Areas of Law
    • International Law, particularly UK and EU
    • Asylum
    • Human Rights
    • Immigration
    • Civil (administrative, business/corporate, consumer, contracts, employment, housing, financial, insurance, intellectual property, legislative, real estate, welfare, etc.)
    • Criminal
  • Skills

    Skills that Students Learn and Develop

    • Legal Research
    • Legal Writing
    • Fact Investigation
    • Legal Analysis and Reasoning
    • Problem Solving
    • Written and Oral Communication
    • Client Interviewing and Counseling
    • Development and Implementation of Public Policy
    • Legislative Advocacy
    • Regulatory and Administrative Law Practice Skills
    • Organization and Management of Legal Work
    • Identifying and Resolving Ethical and Professional Responsibility Issues
    • Self-Awareness
    • Reflection
    • (NOTE: Some skills are unique to particular placements.)