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J.D. Admissions: Early Decision

If the University of Richmond School of Law is your first choice, you may apply under the early decision option. Early decision applicants commit to enroll at the law school if admitted under this option.

An applicant may not be a binding, early decision candidate at more than one school during the same admissions cycle. An early decision applicant may apply for admission to other law schools on a non-binding basis, but once admitted to the University of Richmond School of Law as an early decision applicant, the applicant must withdraw all other law school applications and may not initiate any new applications for admission.

The University of Richmond School of Law reserves the right to provide other law schools with the names of applicants admitted to the law school under the binding early decision program.

Application Process

Early decision applicants must ensure that their applications are submitted and received by December 1 and that application must be completed no later than December 15.

A complete early decision application includes:

  • Signed Early Decision Agreement
  • Application
  • Any attachments required as part of the application, including a personal statement, LSAT/CAS report, and letters of recommendation

The application fee will be waived for those applying for early decision.

Early decision applicants will receive a decision to admit, deny admission, or hold for reconsideration for the regular admission season postmarked no later than December 24.

Early decision applicants who are held for reconsideration are free to maintain applications to other law schools and to initiate new applications and are not bound to enroll at the University of Richmond School of Law if offered admission later in the admissions season as part of the regular decision process.

If you wish to apply as an early decision candidate, please complete the Early Decision Agreement Form and return it to the University of Richmond School of Law no later than December 1. If you are completing an application electronically through the LSAC electronic application service, please note that, although this form is included as part of the electronic application materials, it will not be transmitted electronically with your application. You must print a copy of the attached form, sign it, and mail it to:

Law School Admissions
University of Richmond School of Law
203 Richmond Way
University of Richmond, VA 23173

Important Policies

Your Continuing Duty to Inform Us of Changes to Your Application

Once an application for admission has been submitted, you have a continuing duty to inform the Admissions Office of any changes in the information in the application, or of any new information without which the application as previously submitted would be inaccurate or incomplete. Your duty to inform the Admissions Office of any changes continues until the time you receive a final decision and, if admitted, until the time you matriculate as a student at the University of Richmond School of Law. False, misleading or incomplete answers or statements made in the application, or in any materials submitted to the Admissions Office or the Financial Aid Office, could constitute a basis for denial of admission, revocation of an offer of admission or denial of admission to the practice of law, and may be reported to the Law School Admission Council for investigation of misconduct in the admissions process.

Policy Prohibiting Discrimination

The law school is committed to enforcing its policy against discriminatory admission practices based upon race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, or disability. Information about age, race and gender of applicants is needed by the school for statistical purposes only. An applicant's age or gender will have no effect on the admissions process. The school believes that an applicant's race or ethnic group is a factor that legitimately can be considered during the admissions process to promote the representation of minorities in the law school and the legal profession. Neither gender, nor age, nor race will be used in an unlawfully discriminatory manner.

You are assured both by school policy and by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act that the information will be confidential and accessible only to school officials, government agencies, and others with legitimate educational interest in this information.