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At Richmond Law, you will become part of a community committed to your success. As your partner in the employment search process, the Career Development Office will work with you to identify your interests and evaluate the opportunities available to you, both during school and beyond.

Welcome to the Career Development Office

Meet Our Team

The Career Development Office begins working with new students about a month into your first semester. Our first interaction with you will be in a day long program called Career Immersion. As part of Career Immersion last year, we hosted attorney and former White House chef Mary Crane to teach the etiquette of managing social business interactions for the opening lunch session. Following lunch, students participated in break-out sessions focused on developing an “elevator pitch” for networking interactions, and speed reading people. Lastly, students rotated through panel presentations of various practice areas, to get a feel for areas they might be interested in.

In the weeks following Career Immersion, the CDO hosts an orientation session for students during the lunch hour. In this orientation, a general overview of employment options and time frames is presented, and employment document templates and timelines are distributed.

Lastly, students are invited to small group sessions with their assigned Career Advisor. In these sessions of about 5-10 students, your advisor will have a chance to meet you, as well as share with you numerous employment search resources available.

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Resources for Students


Beyond our formal introductions and programs, you will meet with your career advisor to discuss your individual employment plan. Your advisor will meet with you one-on-one in their office, and discuss your background and direction. In addition, your resume and cover letters will be reviewed and edited, and you will be provided with various networking contacts and other information, such as timelines and templates. You are able to meet with your advisor as many times as you would like throughout your time at the law school. Additionally, there is a dedicated alumni advisor who is available to work with you after graduation and throughout the duration of your career.


Richmond Law students benefit from a number of programs and services available throughout the academic year. The Career Development Office calendar is updated annually and the CDO regularly cosponsors career-related programming with student organizations. One-on-one advising appointments, job search correspondence review, interview strategy sessions and mock interviews can be scheduled throughout the academic year and summer on an as-needed basis.

Job Postings

Reviewing and responding to job postings is one prong of a comprehensive employment search. Students, alumni and employers at Richmond Law use an online system called Symplicity to review job postings, apply for open positions, and conduct research on employers. Your career advisor will recommend other job boards and online resources, depending on your practice and geographic areas of interest.

Public Sector Funding

Richmond Law is dedicated to supporting both students and recent graduates working in the public sector, by providing various public sector funding opportunities. As part of an effort to encourage our students to do substantive legal work during their summers in law school, summer stipends are provided. Each student is guaranteed at least one stipend during their time at Richmond Law, and additional stipends will be awarded as funds allow, through the Summer Public Service Fellowship Program. In addition to the summer stipend program, the Bridge to Practice program allows graduates seeking permanent work in the public sector a chance to do a fellowship funded by the law school in their desired arena. 


Richmond Law has an enviable clerkship track record: judges select Richmond Law graduates as post-graduate clerks at a rate double the national average. Typically, 15 to 20 percent of each graduating class launches their career with a judicial clerkship at the federal or state court level. In addition to unsurpassed legal research and writing training and a behind-the-scenes look at the judicial system, Richmond clerks gain access to a network that includes judges, current and former clerks, other judicial personnel and lawyers. In the CDO, we have a dedicated career advisor who will advise you should you seek a clerkship opportunity after graduation, as well as numerous clerkship resources.

Advisory Board

The CDO staff is supported by a Student Advisory Board, a group that meets monthly with the office to discuss ideas and issues. Please contact any Advisory Board member should you have questions related to career development or the experience at Richmond Law. 

Recruitment Programs

Throughout the academic year, a variety of recruitment programs and services are available to Richmond Law students. The Career Development Office calendar is updated annually. The CDO also regularly cosponsors career-related programming with student organizations, as well as one-on-one advising appointments, job search correspondence review, interview strategy sessions and mock interviews scheduled throughout the academic year and summer on an as-needed basis.

Social Media Guidelines

Because networking contacts and prospective legal employers routinely conduct due diligence about you, including a search of social media sites for information, the Career Development Office has provided a set of Social Media Guidelines. These guidelines are designed to assist you in avoiding common missteps when using social media, and to present a professional profile to attract employers and demonstrate interest and experience in a particular area.

Disability Guide

Richmond Law is dedicated to creating an inclusive environment for students with disabilities. The Disability Guide provides a list of resources to assist students with summer and post-graduate employment. In addition to this guide, all students are assigned a career advisor who is available to review application materials and discuss career goals throughout the academic year. For information regarding accommodations, accessibility, and campus-wide policies, please consult the Disability Services Office of the University of Richmond.

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