Eisen named as distinguished energy law scholar

January 16, 2019
Environmental law professor to serve summer residency at Vermont Law School

When it comes to the changing landscape of energy law, Richmond Law Professor Joel Eisen is at the forefront of legal scholarship. This month, Vermont Law School – ranked as one of the top energy law programs in the country – recognized Eisen’s work as a pivotal leader in the field, naming him as its Distinguished Energy Law Scholar for summer 2019.

“The United States is the midst of an energy transition, with its electric grid turning away from fossil fuels and relying more on renewable energy, and consumers increasingly having exciting ways of using and conserving electricity,” said Eisen. “The debate over how the grid will modernize is in its early days, and many predict this transformation will accelerate over the next several decades, with the recent attention to a ‘Green New Deal’ just one example of the exciting potential.” 

Eisen has found himself in the vanguard of this transition, with scholarship published in some of the nation’s top law reviews that earns nationwide recognition for tackling the most challenging issues in the energy transition and making innovative law and policy proposals. He is in high demand as a presenter on energy law, and his frequent social media presence has made him a key player in debates over the Trump Administration’s energy policies. 

During his residency in Vermont, Eisen will make public presentations on energy issues and hold workshops for students and faculty, while also collaborating with the Vermont Law School’s renowned scholars on interdisciplinary projects designed to develop policies to modernize the grid. About the award, he said, “I’m extremely delighted to receive this honor, and look forward to two weeks of immersing myself in Vermont Law’s rich intellectual environment, sharing ideas with faculty and students, and thinking more deeply about our nation’s energy future.”