Richmond Law to Host Eviction Helpline Training

April 9, 2020
Law students from Virginia invited to train for volunteer opportunity

On Monday, April 13, the University of Richmond School of Law will host a special webinar to recruit/train law students and soon-to-be-grads to volunteer for the statewide Eviction Legal Helpline.

“Due to the precautionary measures taken in Virginia to combat coronavirus, many residents have lost their incomes, which will have a cascading effect upon their ability to maintain their monthly rent payments,” said Tara Casey, Director of the Carrico Center for Pro Bono and Public Service. “Evictions were already a mountainous issue in Virginia – home of five of the top 10 cities with the highest per capita rate of eviction – and the current economic landscape has potential of exacerbating it even further.” 

The Eviction Legal Helpline was established by the Virginia Poverty Law Center and the Campaign to Reduce Evictions as a free resource to provide tenants facing eviction or lease termination with legal information, specific legal advice from an attorney, and referrals to other providers or services. The Helpline does not provide any of the following: legal representation in court or in negotiations with landlords or others; information or advice on matters other than eviction or lease termination; financial assistance.

Eviction Helpline Law Student Training
Monday, April 13, 2020
12-1 p.m.
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This webinar will train law students and soon-to-be-grads how to conduct case intake to support the Helpline. All volunteer work through the hotline is conducted remotely.