David Epstein Headshot

Meet Professor David Epstein

July 15, 2021

Professor David Epstein teaches Business Associations, Bankruptcy, and Core Commercial Concepts, as well as 1L contracts. He holds the Law School’s prestigious George E. Allen Chair, and he has served as Dean at Emory University School of Law and the University of Arkansas Law School. He also held tenured law faculty positions at Southern Methodist University, University of North Carolina, University of Texas, and University of Alabama.

We asked him why a student interested in business law should consider taking a bankruptcy course.

“This class is highly recommended for anyone who intends to have a legal career working on the legal problems of businesses, whether on the transaction side or in litigation. For most business lawyers, contact with bankruptcy law is anticipatory - occurring in law firm conference rooms, not in bankruptcy courtrooms. Much of the deal-making in acquisitions, leasing and licensing as well as in financing is done with the anticipation of a possible later Chapter 11 reorganization. And much of the litigation over acquisition deals, licensing deals, leasing deals and financing deals occurs in a bankruptcy courtroom before a bankruptcy judge applying the federal Bankruptcy Code. Indeed, bankruptcy courts are often referred to as the nation’s business courts.”