Anika Rogers

Student Spotlight: Anika Rogers, L'24

February 24, 2023
Coming from humble beginnings, Anika Rogers, L’24, plans to use her law school education to bring others to the table.

As we celebrate Black History Month, we’re sharing how some of our current students are making Black history right now. Like Anika Rogers, L’24, who plans to use her education to develop a pro bono practice focused on civil rights, veterans’ affairs, and estate planning for the people who need it most.

Why did you decide to attend law school?

In my community, those who acquire a college education do not usually return home. However, those who return home often become the heroes/heroines who protect the interests of their childhood neighbors, families, and friends. Since graduating from college, family and community members have sought me out for support with starting businesses, completing college applications, reviewing contracts, and more. I have always taken this obligation to my community seriously. Once I discovered the limits to the level of support that I could provide, the natural next step was to apply to attend law school.

Why Richmond Law, in particular?

My mentor, Charlene A. Morring, Esq., L'01, who I respect and admire beyond measure, is a Richmond Law alumna. Her enthusiasm for Richmond Law and successful legal career as a black female attorney confirmed that Richmond law was the place for me.

What are your career goals? How does your experience as a Black woman impact those goals?

I hope to accomplish three things in my future legal career. First, I aim to launch a hybrid practice in real estate and intellectual property. Someday, I will use my hybrid practice to improve underdeveloped communities. Second, I intend to serve as a mentor to future attorneys of color, as others have graciously done for me. Third, and most importantly, I plan to develop a pro bono practice focused on civil rights, veterans’ affairs, and estate planning for individuals within economically challenged communities. 

How have you benefitted from being a member of BLSA?

BLSA is my extended family. It is where I have felt safe, appreciated, celebrated, and understood throughout my law school journey. I am grateful for the bonds that I am creating with my BLSA family as we experience the highs and lows of law school—together.

What aspect of your law school experience has surprised you the most?

To my surprise, all my professors have been approachable and genuinely invested in my success. I am glad that the age-old “law professor horror stories” were proven untrue.

What impact do you hope to make on the legal system after you graduate?

I hope to make a small, but necessary contribution toward changing the narrative of the legal system. As a double-minority with humble beginnings, I comprehend issues from three distinct vantage points: the black, female, and underprivileged perspectives. Collectively, these experiences have strengthened my ability to acknowledge and appreciate like-minded and adversarial positions. I intend to allow my experiences to compliment what others bring to the table.

In one word, how would you describe your experience at Richmond Law?



Transcript lightly edited for length and clarity.