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The majority of University of Richmond School of Law students live off-campus in the Richmond area, as on-campus housing is limited. For more information, contact the Admissions Office.

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Housing Suggestions and Student Comments

The following are unedited comments straight from law students.

West End

The West End

(5-10 minute drive to campus; the area nearest to school)

"I live right next to campus in a basement apartment. I really love living close to campus because it's less driving in the morning, and I can be home quickly after being in the library all day. I will probably want to move down to the Fan 3L year, but I think living here the first year (and hopefully second) was beneficial because I wasn't distracted by the bar scene right outside my door."

Culpeper Farms
3450 Spendthrift Road

"The staff at Culpeper is incredibly friendly and helpful. They will do anything and everything to make the resident's life easier. Their maintenance crew is quick to respond to anything that needs repair. The rent is very reasonable as well. It has a great location too-a quick commute to school and to Short Pump. The main downside is that parking can be a bit of a hassle in the evening."

The Estates At Horsepen
One Drayson Way

"Pros: very close to school, nice gym and pool, quick responses from management if you have problems, full-size washer and dryer; Cons: a little expensive, have to drive/get a cab to go to bars/Fan."

Tuckahoe Creek Apartments
1528 Honey Grove Drive

"Pro: Cheap and its 10 minutes to school tops. Forget your book? Forgot your lunch? Want to get the hell out for a few minutes? NO PROBLEM! Con: they're nothing special and you can hear your neighbor's phone ring."

"I lived in Tuckahoe Creek and loved it. It's a great location--only 2 miles from campus, 1 mile from I-64. It's pretty cheap as far as West End apartments go. Lots of students live here but it's still very quiet and there is no assigned parking so friends can park anywhere and never get towed or ticketed. The downside is that most of the apartments don't have washer/dryers."

"The rent is very reasonable, it's close to school, the grounds are very well landscaped, and the pool and work out room are nice. However, the complex is older so some units have dated appliances and the master bedroom is decent size but other bedrooms and common areas are a tad small."

The Village At Horsepen
6701 Dartmouth Avenue

The sister complex to Estates at Horsepen, right next door, but less expensive.

"The pros are that it's very, very close to campus so you can sleep in and still make it to class on time, it's pretty reasonably priced especially for one bedroom and the grounds are very well maintained and the neighborhood is very safe with ample parking. However, I don't like how you have to drive to the Fan and downtown and the interior of the apartment is kind of sparse and the appliances and kitchen aren't super new. Plus while there is a pool there is no club house or gym."

"The Village is one of the most affordable 2 bedroom options if you want to live alone and have an office area. (~$750) and it's very close to school (4-5 min.) Tons of U of R students reside there but the second bedroom is too small for 2 people to share. In addition I have had some problems with plumbing and critters."

Renting Houses in the West End

"I live in a house behind the Estates of Horsepen. Location is awesome! If you can find a house back here for rent, definitely get it, but there aren't many."

Far West End

(15-25 minute drive to campus)

Addison at Kings Crossing, The Royal Court at Kings Crossing

10002 Castile Court


"I lived at Addison last year and decided to stay this year because I really enjoy living here. The rental office is really helpful, and the facilities here are great. There are 2 pools, 2 tennis courts, a fitness center, a playground and free parking. One big bonus about Addison is the central air conditioning. Addison is brand new and much cleaner and nicer than some of the other places I checked out when I was moving to Richmond."

"The pros of the apartments at the Royal Court are that they are spacious, a good value. These are relatively new apartments but are not brand-new and they are in close proximity to lots of amenities (i.e., grocery stores, post-office, bank, etc.) Plus the West End is nice and it's reasonably close to the Short Pump area. The cons are that it's relatively far from downtown and the fan, and a 10 minute drive from school."

Addison at Wyndham

11401 Old Nuckols Road


"I loved living here. It's in the FAR West End, so that's a drawback. It's a little on the expensive side, and is more of a family type of complex (which isn't bad for someone who wants to study more than party!). The good things are that it's right across the street from a shopping center where there's a grocery store, drug store, Bottom's Up, Bruster's Ice Cream and a few other things. There's also a pretty quick back way to Short Pump from the complex. And there's a really nice pool."

Cabin Creek

(Gaskins Rd. at Patterson Ave.)

1233 Gaskins Road


"I've picked it primarily because their apartments are very spacious, as compared to the most apartments available in the area, and the prices are very reasonable, considering how much space you get for your buck. It takes me about 20-25 minutes to get to the school (from door to door). The place is close to grocery stores, Interstate, two shopping malls."

Canterbury Square
900 Pump Road (intersection of Pump & Patterson)


"Pros - Cheaper and more square footage than most comparable townhouse complexes. 10 minutes to campus. Quiet; Con s- fewer amenities than most complexes (there is a pool but little else)."

Dominion Gayton Crossing

9712 Tartuffe Drive


"Less expensive than many West End apartment complexes, but it's nothing special. It is townhouse style, which is a nice feature and also includes a work out room."

The Madison at Spring Oak

4000 Spring Oak Drive (directly across the street from Short Pump)


"Probably one of the nicest apartment complexes in Richmond. The apartments are very spacious and in incredible condition. The complex is very well maintained and the residents are all very friendly and helpful. Rent is a little bit more expensive than some similar complexes, however, the amenities are incredible. It has two swimming pools, two hot tubs, a nice fitness center, and very friendly staff. Caters towards young professionals. A little bit further from school, but an easy commute on I-64."

Reflections of West Creek

(next to the Short Pump mall)

4400 Breezy Bay Circle


"Pros: Restaurants, shopping, and the west end amenities are near by. The complex is nice with lots of amenities; Cons: The commute to the school is long and the traffic gets pretty bad at times. The apartments are a little pricey."

Museum District

(10-15 minute drive; just west of the Fan and north of Carytown)

Nearby: Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

"Removed from the bar areas of the Fan, the Museum District is quiet and still close enough to both the University and the Fan to get the best of both worlds."

Malvern Manor

29 Malvern Avenue


"The pros of living in Malvern Manor are that it is quiet, close to school and well maintained. The cons are that it is more expensive than other apartmentsand because it's so quiet, it's not a place you can have many people over."

The Kensington Place Apartments
3501 Kensington Avenue


"I would highly recommend it and it is a place that nobody else seemed to know about when we all first arrived. It is only about 7 minutes away from school basically right down Grove going towards the fan. It is also only about 1/2 mile from Boulevard which makes going out to the fan a lot easier than living in the west end. They also allow pets for a nominal fee and the apartments themselves are REALLY nice."


(10-15 minute drive to campus)


Generally consists of 1920s era homes and privately owned shops, clothing stores, cafes, and restaurants along Cary Street. The best way to find a place to rent in Carytown is to drive through Carytown and the surrounding neighborhoods about two months before you're looking to move. There are usually a fair number of "for rent' signs in the front yards. You can also check online housing listings or the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

The Fan

(10-15 minute drive to campus)

This is a district so named because of the "fan" shape of the roads that extend west from N. Belvidere Street to Boulevard. It is bordered to the North by Broad Street and to the south by Cary Street and contains much of the famous Monument Avenue.

The best way to find a place to rent in the Fan is to drive through the area about two months before you're looking to move. There are usually a fair number of "for rent' signs in the front yards. You can also check online housing listings or the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

"A lot of the 'nicer' places in the fan have landlords who care about who their tenants are and therefore put signs out in the front yard. My roommate drove up and down all of the streets in that square I mentioned earlier and wrote down every single phone number on apartments that had the number of bedrooms we wanted."

"The Fan varies block to block and some parts can be bad areas and have some more crime. Definitely be cautious of this, especially if you are female."

"It's great - good location, lots of young people, walking distance to restaurants and bars. Only problem sometimes is parking, and the buildings are old - but decent price for rent."

"Quality of the apartments: the fan is an older area and therefore it's much harder to find a place that is well maintained. We visited about 4 apartments before we found the one we settled on. My apartment has central air, a dishwasher, and a washer & dryer. A lot of apartments in the Fan lack these elements, however, it's not that hard to find one that does, so I say hold out for them."

"My biggest advice is to ask what the gas costs were last winter, because that shocked us. That being said, we're staying in the apartment knowing that we could have gas bills of almost $200/person because we like the location so much."

"I am moving to the Fan, and highly recommend that. I think it is really important in law school to have a sense of the outside world, because people can get trapped in studying/books all day long. Being in the middle of things, where lots of young professionals and other grad students live/hang out/whatever is very nice to see that life does not actually equal law school. Sometimes 1L's especially need reminding of this!"

"I have lived in the West End and the Fan. I like the Fan better because many of your friends will be in the Fan anyways. Now that I live in the Fan I can just walk over to my friends' houses, and walk to bars and restaurants. It's not that far from school (10-15 minutes) and now I never have to worry about drinking and driving or being too far away from something fun to do."


For houses for rent, check online housing listings or the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

"I currently live on the North Side essentially down from the baseball park. It has really good interstate access and a good location, but really there aren't many places to live for students around here."


(10-15+ minute drive to campus; south of the James River)

Glenway Green Townhouses

Between Jahnke Road and the Midlothian Turnpike, about a 15 min. drive to school

"Pros - It is extremely affordable to live on the Southside. For people with limited finances, like me, it is one of our only options. It is also a short drive to Maymont Park, the Fan, and Downtown. Cons - It is further from school than many students live. It is also not the safest neighborhood, and I have worried at times about the safety of my car and the things in my townhouse. It is definitely not somewhere you could take a stroll after dark. But it is the most room for the amount of money we have, so we didn't mind."

St John's Wood
901 St. Johns Wood Drive


"Pros: Large places for way better prices than you will get in the fan; they allow dogs (mine is a large breed Labrador mix). Cons: The neighborhood is borderline - not bad where we are but very close to some bad neighborhoods."

Stony Point Apartments
3012 Stony Lake Drive (right off Huguenot and Forest Hill Ave)


"Pros: It's cheaper, electric heat (gas is crazy expensive in the winter), big, has 2 baths and is in a quiet community (most of the residents people are old). My roommate is not a student, which I find to be much better. It only takes 5-10 minutes to get to school. The front office isn't too bad. Cons: I have to drive to get to a bar, so I have to preplan drinking or drink less out. It takes 15 minutes to drive to the Fan, 30 minutes to downtown. All in all, I really like it (I re-signed the lease). I'd say it's more for couples/people who don't go out all the time. If you want to drink and go out every night,
this place IS NOT for you."

Neighborhoods With Houses to Rent
"I live in far South Side (Midlothian) in a large neighborhood called Ashbrook. It's a very nice and safe (never even heard of a break-in) neighborhood, but the commute is around 40 minutes. Anyone choosing to live off of Hull Street Road would significantly reduce their commute by living as close as possible to the 288 interchange, as Hull Street is unbelievably crowded in the mornings."