Student Organizations

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  • Alternative Dispute Resolution Society

    The Alternative Dispute Resolution Society (ADRS) is a student-run organization that promotes the development of arbitration and mediation skills for Richmond Law students and the legal community. Intra-scholastic mediation and arbitration competitions provide a forum for students to develop alternative dispute resolution skills and those advancing to become ADR Board Members may go on to represent the University of Richmond in national and international competitions. The ADRS also hosts annual forums to introduce the community to the growing importance of the alternatives to traditional litigation.

    President: Nick Corn IV,

  • American Constitution Society

    Richmond Law’s chapter of the American Constitution Society, a national organization of law students, law professors, and practicing lawyers, seeks to transform the conservative vision of American law today to one that promotes fundamental principles of respect for human dignity, protection of individual rights and liberties, genuine equality, and everyone’s access to justice.


    President: William Swiacki, 

  • Animal Law Society

    The Animal Law Society at the University of Richmond is a student-run organization that aims to advance the legal interests of animals. We work through local advocacy, efforts to expand practical legal education, and the promotion of scholarship and critical thinking on animal concerns.

    President: Mandy Truman, 

  • Asian Pacific American Law Student Association

    The Asian Pacific American Law Student Association promotes the welfare of its members and the school through educational, professional, and cultural programs pertaining to local and national Asian-American issues. It provides a social and academic network for its members, creates a more diverse educational environment, and is open to all law students.

    President: Alexis Hills,

  • Black Law Students Association

    The Oliver Hill Chapter of the Black Law Students Association focuses on centering the needs of Black law students and working strategically to address those needs. We aim to help Black law students excel academically, succeed professionally, and positively effectuate change within the community.

    President: Amari Wright,


  • Christian Law Fellowship

    The Christian Law Fellowship is a non-denominational community of law students dedicated to navigating the intersection of Christian faith the legal profession. CLF exists to provide support, encouragement, fellowship, and prayer to those dedicated to or interested in learning more about the life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth and how those teachings influence us as law students and future lawyers. CLF creates a supportive community among law students through weekly lunch meetings, bible studies, and volunteer opportunities throughout the year with groups such as Habitat for Humanity and Angel Tree.

    President: Sarah DeLoach, 

  • Client Counseling and Negotiation Board

    The Client Counseling and Negotiation Board organizes intra and interschool competitions. It most recently hosted the National Environmental Negotiation Competition, which was attended by teams from schools throughout the country.


    President: Seneca Tsang, 

  • Criminal Law Society

    The Criminal Law Society is an organization that strives to expose its members to all facets of the criminal justice system. We offer guest speaker events as well as many outside opportunities including Richmond City Justice Center Tutoring where students have the opportunity to tutor a resident who is studying for the GED, Spider Riders that allows students to do a ride along with a police officer, and a mentor program that pairs students with practicing criminal attorneys in the Richmond area based on the student’s interests.

    President: Elizabeth Foster, 

  • Environmental Law Society

    The Environmental Law Society is a student organization dedicated to learning about and raising awareness of legal issues in the environment. This organization is devoted to fostering sustainable lifestyles and being mindful of our impact on the environment. Some of the events on this year’s agenda are national lobbying opportunities, partnering and volunteering with an environmental non-profit, outdoor social activities, and events with environmental speakers.

    President: Haley Edmonds, 

  • Federalist Society

    Created in 1982, The Federalist Society for Law and Public Policy Studies was founded on the principles that the state exists to preserve freedom, that the separation of governmental powers is central to our Constitution, and that it is emphatically the province and duty of the judiciary to say what the law is, not what it should be. The Richmond Law chapter works to create a forum on campus to debate and discuss the central tenets of the Federalist Society. We are a non-exclusive organization, so all members of the student body, regardless of political persuasion, are encouraged to join and attend our events.

    President: Stephen Taft, 

  • First Generation Law Students

    First Generation Law Students is an organization that aims to provide a supportive community for law students who are navigating the legal world without lawyers in their families to guide them. The group is open to all students but is geared toward meeting the concerns of students who are unfamiliar with the structure of law school, searching for internships, navigating on-campus interview opportunities, networking, and other challenges that students face in law school.

    President: Gaby Sandoval, 


  • Honor Council

    The Honor Council adjudicates claims of misconduct under the Law School Honor Code. The Grievance Committee is responsible for investigating and prosecuting Honor Court cases. Members of the Student Advocate Corps are available to provide a defense for the accused student. If a claim of misconduct goes to trial, the Honor Court determines guilt or innocence and, in the event of a guilty verdict, imposes sanctions pursuant to the Code. Justices of the Honor Court, along with members of the Grievance Committee and the Student Advocate Corps are elected by the student body.

    Chief Justice: Kaylee Johnson, 


  • If/When/How

    If/When/How (formerly known as Law Students for Reproductive Justice) is an organization of law students and legal professionals who work on reproductive issues. They offer trainings, legal research, professional collaborations as well as several other mediums for advocacy. Their main focus is on intersectionality and how that impacts reproductive justice advocacy.

    President: Whitney King, 

  • International Law Society

    The International Law Society, a chapter of the International Law Students Association (ILS) is a global association of students and young lawyers dedicated to the study and promotion of international law. Generally concentrating on international and transnational law, our mission is to promote awareness, study and understanding of international law and related issues. The ILS seeks to encourage communication and cooperation among law students internationally and at home. We also strive to increase opportunities to learn about other cultures, business, and legal systems worldwide, and publicize career opportunities in international law. ILS sponsors the Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition, which is the largest moot court competition in the world, with over 90 countries participating.

    President: Viktoriia Martynov, 

  • Jewish Law Students Association

    The University of Richmond Jewish Law Students Association (JLSA) is a cultural, social, educational, and religious organization of University of Richmond students, staff, and faculty advisors who share an interest in Jewish legal issues, socio-political concerns, and in meeting the needs and interests of Jewish law students at University of Richmond. The JLSA strives to enhance the law school experience of its members by providing programming and encouraging students to make an enduring commitment to Judaism, professionalism, and the community.

    President: Gil Topaz, 

  • Latin American and Hispanic Law Organization

    The University of Richmond Latin American and Hispanic Law Organization (LAHLO) is an association dedicated to bringing together the various Latinx and Hispanic groups within Richmond Law. We seek to unite the various groups to further support and promote our identity and culture throughout our community through social, educational, and inclusive events. Our aim is for our members to develop a sense of community, based on shared cultural experiences and mutual support. LAHLO is not a political organization nor intends to promote any political ideology.

    President: Kiara Anguiano, 

  • Lawyers Helping Lawyers

    University of Richmond Lawyers Helping Lawyers is committed to providing activities and resources that promote the overall health and wellbeing of the student body. Although our focus is on mental health and wellbeing in general, UR LHL’s dedication to assisting those with substance abuse issues remains paramount. The goal is to enable law students to explore healthy alternatives to stress management for use during and after law school. Events will be completely optional and free to attend.

    President: Nicholas A. Beck,
  • McNeill Law Society

    The McNeill Law Society consists of second and third year law students who are in the top ten percent of their respective classes, according to GPA. Each fall, a panel of McNeill members offers study advice to first year students. Each spring, McNeill holds a writing competition to promote legal scholarship at the law school.

    Chancellor: Matt Hammond, 

  • Mindfulness in Law Society

    The Richmond Chapter of the Mindfulness in Law Society seeks to improve the mental well-being of students at the University of Richmond School of Law through mindful practice. Members actively practice secular meditation and mindfulness in all forms, and specifically mindfulness-based stress reduction meditation techniques and yoga. Our culture is driven by the belief that deliberate mindfulness is the nexus to academic and professional fulfilment.

    President: Jesse Cooper, 

  • Moot Court Board

    Richmond’s Moot Court activities allow students to test their research, brief-writing, and appellate advocacy skills. Students participate in intra-school tournaments that lead to membership on the Moot Court Board and on teams that represent the Law School in regional and national competitions.

    President: Kira Davis, 


  • Muslim Law Student Association

    The University of Richmond Muslim Law Student Association (MLSA) aims to establish a sense of community for Muslim and non-Muslim law students alike by providing religious, social, and career networking events and opportunities within the law school. MLSA partners with other student organizations and faculty on campus to create an enriching, diverse environment and meet the needs and interests of Muslim law students.

    President: Syed Fawad,
  • National Lawyers Guild

    The Richmond chapter of the National Lawyers Guild (NLG) seeks to further the Guild’s mission to use the law in the service of the people by valuing human rights over property interests. We offer students opportunities to connect to the Central Virginia legal activist community, as well as a safe and collaborative space for students to express progressive views that challenge the status quo.

    President: Marley D. M. Manjarrez, 

  • Older Wiser Law Students

    The University of Richmond OWLS (Older Wiser Law Students) Organization is a self-identified group of “non-traditional law students.” The purpose of the Richmond OWLS is to provide mutual support, encouragement, and foster community for non-traditional law students (e.g. older students, second-career students, married and/or parenting students) and others who voluntarily associate with non-traditional students. 

    However, the organization is open to anyone and does not discriminate on the basis of age or any other factor. If you are “older than the average law student,” just feel that way, or simply like hanging out with people who are, this is the organization for you.

    President: Zack Jordan, 

  • Parents & Allies Law Society (PALS)

    The Parents & Allies Law Society (PALS) is a social organization for law students who identify as parents, bonus parents, partners of law student parents, allies, or the like (nannies, babysitters, and more). The PALS aims to create a safe space for venting, family time, socializing, and networking with fellow parents, bonus parents, partners of law student parents, and allies within the law school community. The organization will also connect student-members with family-friendly resources relating to law school and the Richmond metropolitan area.

    President: Anika Rogers, 

  • Phi Alpha Delta (PAD)

    Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity, International (P.A.D.) is a professional law fraternity advancing integrity, compassion and courage through service to the student, the school, the profession and the community. PAD is comprised of pre-law students, law students and graduates working in the legal profession. Phi Alpha Delta was the first law fraternities to open membership to all genders, races, creeds, and national origins; host one of the largest Mock Trial Competition for law students in the country; and implement an online membership database to network students and alumni/ae together. The Henry Chapter advances these ideals through networking, community service, professional training and mentorship.

    President: William Swiacki, 

  • The Public Interest Law Association

    The Public Interest Law Association (PILA) encourages and assists Richmond Law students to participate in, and/or pursue careers in public interest law. PILA provides educational, networking, and community service opportunities to students throughout the year, including interview-day support during the Government and Public Interest Interview Program.


    President: Max Petrie, 

  • Real Estate Law Society (RELS)

    The Real Estate Law Society is devoted to increasing knowledge of opportunities in real estate, property development, land use, and zoning law. The organization works with attorneys across Virginia as well as nonprofits, developers, and real estate brokers to provide well-rounded events for students including panels, speakers, and networking events.

    President: Amari Wright, 

  • Richmond Women’s Law

    Richmond Women’s Law encourages women in the legal profession to flourish both personally and professionally. Richmond Women’s Law partners with other clubs and local organizations to constantly create a unifying, uplifting, and fun-filled environment for its members. We host a variety of events throughout the school year that promote the goals driving this club. Membership is open to all genders.

    President: Taylor Anne Moffett, 

  • Sexuality and Gender Alliance (SAGA)

    The Sexuality and Gender Alliance (SAGA) works to create a law school community where all students feel welcome and supported, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity. We organize events to create more visibility for LGBTQ+ individuals and host speakers, panels and networking events. We work with other student organizations to change policy and improve our law school climate for all students.

    President: Elliot DeMent, 

  • South Asian Law Student Association (SALSA)

    The South Asian Law Student Association (SALSA) is an open-door organization that represents and supports minority groups on campus. It serves to represent our South Asian student population through cultural events and networking opportunities. It will facilitate opportunities for students to voice concerns and raise awareness on minority issues in the community and is open to all students regardless of sex, race, origin, religion, background or sexual orientation.

    President: Bushra Haque, 


  • Sports and Entertainment Law Society (SELS)

    The Sports and Entertainment Law Society (SELS) is an organization that seeks to cultivate a group of likeminded students keenly interested in both sports and entertainment, and to foster a relationship between this student community and alumni in these industries. SELS’s goal is to promote awareness of, and involvement in the legal community and topics surrounding both the sports and entertainment industries. SELS will invite speakers to the university to speak about their work in sports and entertainment law and facilitate networking opportunities, and will meet often to discuss legal topics relevant to sports and entertainment.


    Kaylee Rabatin,

    Madison Blevins, 

  • Student Bar Association

    The Student Bar Association (SBA) is made up of the entire Law School student body because each student is automatically a member. The SBA and its members shape the academic, cultural, philosophical, recreational, and social aspects of life at Richmond Law. Each year the SBA elects an Executive Board, which consists of a President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, Director of Communications, and Student Representatives from each class, plus an LLM Representative. The SBA Executive Board represents the student body to the administration, recognizes student groups, hosts students activities, seeks to connect the broader Richmond community, and manages budgeting for the student body. The SBA hosts several annual student events including the Law School Holiday Cocktail Party, Barrister’s Ball, and participation in the Legal Food Frenzy.

    President: Ryan Dunn, 


  • Student Intellectual Property Law Association (SIPLA)

    The Student Intellectual Property Law Association (SIPLA) promotes the progress of intellectual property law. Each semester SIPLA invites lawyers in the community to campus to speak about their work in intellectual property. SIPLA also works with Intellectual Property Institute at Richmond Law and the Greater Richmond Intellectual Property Law Association (GRIPLA) to raise awareness of IP law among the student community.

    President: Viktoriia Martynov, 

  • Technology and Innovation Society

    The Technology & Innovation Society aims to provide an avenue for Richmond Law students to learn about existing and emerging technologies and explore the relationships between technology, innovation, law, and policy.

    President: Greer Belcher, 
  • Trial Advocacy Board

    The University of Richmond Trial Advocacy Board (TAB) is a student-run organization dedicated to fostering basic trial skills in our student body. Through both intra-scholastic and inter-scholastic competitions, TAB allows students to experience the role of a trial lawyer. In competition, students hone their skills by arguing motions, giving opening and closing arguments, examining witnesses, and arguing points of evidence before a judge and a jury. The competitions give students the opportunity to gain practical experience and demonstrate their skills to the outside world. TAB regularly competes in the American Bar Association Labor and Employment Law Competition, the American Association for Justice Student Trial Competition, the National Trial Competition, and the National White Collar Crime Invitational among others. TAB membership is competitive. Invitations to join are extended based on student performance in both intra-scholastic and inter-scholastic competition. TAB generally hosts two intra-scholastic competitions per year.

    President: Mallory Duplantis, 

  • Veterans and Military Law Association (VMLA)

    The Veterans and Military Law Association mission is to provide professional opportunities and comradery for law students in the following categories: veterans, service members, prospective service members, and students interested in legal aid and community outreach to veterans and service members.

    President: Seneca Tsang, 

  • Virginia Bar Association Law School Council

    The University of Richmond Virginia Bar Association Law School Council (UR LSC), formed in 2001, is an energetic organization committed to developing professional skillsets for Richmond Law students. The UR LSC’s goals are to inspire in students a commitment to public service and to the bar, to assist students in reaching their career goals, to promote a collegial practice of law, and to provide opportunities for fostering relationships between local attorneys and current law students. Students participating in the UR LSC hope to play a larger role in the legal community, both in Richmond and in the grater Commonwealth. Recent events include networking opportunities at local restaurants, professional development workshops with the Career Development Office, and the annual Spring Symposium. Membership is free to all students currently enrolled full-time at the University of Richmond. For more information or questions regarding membership, please contact the current President.

    President: Katie Rose,