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Getting to Know Your Law School Staff

Administrative Assistants
Karen Berry, Leslee Stone, Lucy Sprague

staff administrative assistants

Admissions Staff
(Back row): Jay Jorgensen, Terry Poland, Brandon Metheny
(Front row): Natalie Shaw, Michelle Rahman, Jean McMichael

admissions staff

Career Development Office
(Left to right) Kym Osterbind, Liz Jones, Stephanie Fitzgerald, Janet Hutchinson, Carole Yeatts, Susan Manning, Valerie L'Herrou

staff Career Development Office

Dean's Office
(Back row) Emily Cherry, Jim Gibson, Corinna Lain, Courtney Fain, Sharon Krol
(Front row) Kristine Henderson, Wendy Perdue, Susan Sheppard, Sue Altorelli, Tracy Cauthorn

Dean's Office Staff

Library Staff
(Stairs) Amy O'Connor, Timothy Edwards, Roger Skalbeck, Kathy Salandro, Alexis Fetzer, Paul Birch
(Front row) Andrew Frank, Kimberly Wolfe, Mei Kiu Lo, Joyce Janto, Deb Barlett, Janette Morgan, Kim Edwards, Jason Zarin, Alison Harvey, Ashley Vavra, Kat Klepfer, Carl Hamm

library staff

Law Review
Glenice Coombs and Members of Law Review Student Staff

Law Review