Course Schedules

In late March every year, the course schedules for the upcoming academic year are published. When they are published, this page will be updated with the appropriate links. For the 2024-2025 academic year, the UR Law Schedule pages are up to date as of March 27, 2024. BannerWeb is expected to be available on or around March 27, 2024. 

There are two ways to access those schedules: via (1) BannerWeb (2) the UR Law Schedule Pages. The main differences between the two schedules is that BannerWeb has CRNs (which you need for registration) but displays classes as a list rather than in a grid organized by time and day. In contrast, the UR Law Schedule Pages do not contain CRNs but do list courses in a more helpful format.

BannerWeb Schedule

To view the BannerWeb schedule, log into BannerWeb (Important: If you are off-campus, you will not be able access BannerWeb unless you have enrolled in DUO.)

  • Click on Student Services.
  • Click on Registration.
  • Click on Look Up Classes to Add.
  • Select the semester in which you are interested, and click Submit.
  • In the top “Subject” field, there are two categories you will need to look up: “Law- Elective” and “Law-Required” (do not choose “Law”—that’s for undergraduate classes related to law). Select both at the same time by holding the CTRL key (or Shift for Macs) and clicking on each one.
  • To see all classes offered in those categories, skip the rest of the fields and click “Class Search” at the bottom of the page.

UR Law Schedule Pages

To view the schedule pages, you need only click on the boxes below. The “block schedule” lists courses in a grid format arranged by time and day or week. Courses that count toward your experiential credit requirement are coded "LWXS", "LWXC", or "LWXP"; courses that count toward your Upper Level Writing Requirement are coded "ULWR"; courses that count towards your Writing in Practice requirement are coded "WIP"; courses that count towards your Professional Responsibility requirement are coded "PR"; courses with the “RG” code are Reading Group courses, which are 1-credit, pass/fail courses that meet periodically during the semester.