Building Renovation Updates

We’re excited to have launched a building-wide renovation at the University of Richmond School of Law in January 2022, with the goal to enhance functionality and accessibility while also improving our spaces for students. Read on for answers to some frequently asked questions.

Newly Renovated Spaces
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  • Why do we need a renovation?

    In order to accommodate much-needed HVAC and accessibility updates that the building requires for health and safety reasons, the Law School building will need to undergo an extensive renovation. We plan to use this disruption as an opportunity to reconfigure the space to better meet the needs of our students.

  • How does this project benefit our students?

    Highlights of the project that will benefit our students include:

    • Providing excellent study space, including a brightly lit reading room with a variety of seating options.
    • Creating an open “town square” to serve as the community hub for the building, offering a space for students, faculty, and staff to relax and interact.
    • Relocating the clinic offices back into the law school building.
    • Upgrading the classroom and Moot Court spaces.
  • Where will I have space to store my belongings in the updated building?

    Each student will have a dedicated locker space – strategically located outside of the library space so your belongings will be available to you outside of library hours.

  • How will this project be funded?

    The University maintains a schedule for capital updates across campus, with funds reserved to cover needed renovations such as this one.

  • Where can I find faculty and staff who are dislocated by the construction?

    Faculty and staff whose offices are under construction may be temporarily relocated to a different space on campus.  

    • Current room numbers for faculty are listed on their profiles here.  
    • Current room numbers for staff are listed on their profiles here
  • What is the renovation timeline?

    The following timeline is subject to change based on University plans.

    Phase 1: Spring and Fall 2022

    • Dean’s Suite, Lounge, Dean’s Conference Room
    • Faculty Offices 222-229, 317, 318, 320, 321, 322
    • Staff Offices 203, 204A, 302, 303, 304
    • Career Development Office
    • Admissions Office
    • Atrium

    Phase 2: Summer 2022

    • Library (not including the front part, e.g. circulation/computer lab)
    • Faculty Offices, Barnes Suite on Second Floor

    Phase 3: Fall 2022

    • Classroom 300

    Phase 4: Spring 2023

    • Remainder of Faculty Offices on First, Second, & Third Floors
    • Development Suite
    • Front of Library (e.g., circulation desk, computer lab)
    • Davis Room
    • Room 114

    Phase 5: Summer 2023

    • Entry to Law School
    • Basement of Library
    • Library Staff Offices

    Phase 6: TBA

    • Moot Court Room
    • Rooms 101 & 102
  • Where can I study when the library is under renovation?

    While the library is under construction, we’ll provide dedicated classroom space for quiet study – particularly for those students who are studying for the bar over the summer months. Space is also available in the nearby Boatwright Library, and we’ll make available a list of well-equipped community spots for study purposes, as well.

  • How do I share my feedback?

    You can go here to offer your comments and feedback.