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Applications to the Class of 2021 came from 50 states and D.C. as well as 35 foreign counties. In all, the law school received 1,908 applications. Graduates of 540 colleges and universities applied to the law school, and 75% of applications came from out of state. The youngest applicant was 18 and the eldest 61.

Class of 2021 Profile

The Class of 2021 is 50% men and 50% women; minorities make up 15% of the class. The average age of the class is 24, with the youngest student being 21 years old and the eldest being 49. Approximately 45% of the students come from out of state; they represent 30 states as well as China, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine, and the UK. There are 73 American undergraduate colleges and universities represented in the class as well as alumni of seven foreign universities.

Class Size: 141

LSAT Score

Undergraduate GPA

Median: 161 (83rd percentile)

Median: 3.59

25th Percentile: 156

75th Percentile: 162

25th Percentile: 3.24

75th Percentile: 3.69

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