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The mission of the Intellectual Property Institute at the University of Richmond School of Law is to maintain a dynamic and respected center for the study of contemporary intellectual property issues, to increase curricular and other learning opportunities available to law students interested in intellectual property law, and to encourage widespread awareness and understanding of the role that intellectual property plays in fostering a creative and innovative culture.

Recent Scholarship

Prof. Osenga, Institutional Design for Innovation: A Radical Proposal for Addressing Section 101 Patent-Eligible Subject Matter, 17 68 Am. U. L. Rev. 1191 (2019).

Prof. Crootof, International Cybertorts: Expanding State Accountability in Cyberspace, 103 Cornell L. Rev. 565 (2018).

Prof. Gibson & Prof. Cotropia, Higher Education and the DMCA, 25 Rich J.L. & Tech. No. (2018). 

Prof. Gibson, Boilerplate's False Dichotomy, 106 Geo. L.J. 249 (2018).

Prof. Cotropia, Who Benefits from Repealing Tampon Taxes? Empirical Evidence from New Jersey, 15 J. Empirical Legal Stud. 620 (2018) (with Rozema).

In the News

Prof. Crootof, NBC News, June 2019: How Concerned Should We Be That Deepfakes Will Mess With 2020?

Prof. Osenga, The Washington Times, April 2019: Op-ed: When the patent system works

Prof. Osenga, Free Lunch Podcast, April 2019: The Songwriting Industry and Antitrust Consent Decrees

Prof. Cotropia, NPR, March 2019: Tampons: That Bloody Sales Tax

Prof. Cotropia, Virginia Mercury, March 2019: In 2020 Virginians could pay less for tampons and diapers


Prof. Crootof,  “War Torts: Accountability for Autonomous Weapons,” Digital Civil Rights and Civil Liberties Colloquium Series, Fordham Law School (Oct. 2019).

Prof. Osenga, "Balance, Transparency & Reasonableness: Converging Approaches to SEP Licenses and FRAND Royalties," Patent Masters Symposium, IP Watchdog, Arlington, Virginia (Sept. 2019).

Prof. Dobbs, "Reclaiming Your Time: the Zen of Time and Productivity Management," 2019 Paralegal Semniar, Virginia Association of Defense Attorneys, Glen Allen, Virginia (Aug. 2019).

Prof. Cotropia, "Gender Discrimination in Online Markets," 13th Annual Conference on Empirical Legal Studies, University of Michigan (Nov. 2018).


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