Partner with an Advisor

The Career Development Office provides comprehensive and strategic career advising to all students and alumni. The advising team — including former practicing attorneys from both the public and private sector, and a former law firm professional and business development consultant — can help you navigate the legal employment market.

As an entering student, you will be paired with a career advisor during your first semester, creating a relationship that lasts throughout your law school career and likely beyond. Our advisors connect with students and care about your professional and personal successes.

Your advisor is available to discuss your educational and employment background, interests, and goals to help you develop a career path and job search strategy. Your advisor also can help you connect with alumni and other professionals in your preferred practice and geographic areas, create and revise employment search documents, prepare for interviews, and evaluate offers.

In addition to individual advising, the CDO offers informational sessions, programs, workshops, and networking events. Examples include an alumni mock interview program, a judicial clerkshop information session, a practice pathways networking event, small firm hiring panel and an overview of federal government honors and internship programs. New offerings are added each semester to meet students' needs and market developments.

To meet with a career advisor, contact the CDO at (804) 289-8638, or stop by the office between 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. You also may schedule an appointment via Symplicity.