Virtual Recruitment Program

Important COVID Update: During the COVID-19 pandemic, masks are mandatory on all campuses. Students who are participating in their scheduled interview from a campus location will be wearing a mask. Also, in the event you elect to conduct a second round of interviews following an interview program, we ask that you offer students the option to participate virtually.

Fall Semester 2020 Recruitment Program

The CDO will offer a small virtual interview program beginning on September 8, 2020. We are excited to offer this opportunity to interview our students for post-graduate opportunities. We also welcome employers considering students for part-time, school-year employment. The primary interview period for employers considering second-year students for summer 2021 employment will begin in late January 2021, though we appreciate the opportunity to assist you in crafting a strategy to meet your specific hiring needs at any time.

Early Spring Semester 2021 Virtual Interview Program

The CDO will offer a virtual interview program beginning on January 27, 2021. While this program primarily is for employers considering first-year and second-year students for summer 2021 employment, third-year students and Masters of Laws candidates will be available for post-graduate opportunities.

Not available to interview in person? We can help facilitate video or Skype interviews, or collect application materials and provide them to you, or call one of our staff members at (804) 289-8680 for assistance.