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The 1870 Society

Named for the year of the Law School’s founding, the 1870 Society honors our most generous donors for their leadership support to Richmond Law.



Richard Cullen, ‘77

Meredith Sanderlin Thrower, ‘03


Stephen E. Baril, ‘80

Ann T. Burks, ‘84

W. Birch Douglass III, ‘68

Katja K. Hill, ‘98

J. G. Ritter II, ‘79

Theodore L. Chandler Jr., ‘77 



As a Society member, you can serve as an example to others and make a tremendous impact on the lawyers of tomorrow, our students. Put simply, as an 1870 Society member, you lead the way.

Membership Levels:

$50,000      President’s Circle

$25,000      Founder’s Circle

$10,000      Dean’s Circle

$5,000        T.C. Williams Circle

$2,500        Rector’s Circle

$1,000        de novo 1870 (6-10 years since graduation)

$500           de novo 1870 (1-5 years since graduation)


If you would like to make a contribution, please click the button below.


For more information, please contact Allie Carter, Director of Leadership Giving at (804) 287-6463 or


1870 Society Party