Professional Identity Formation Program

Through a combination of curricular and co-curricular offerings, the Professional Identity Formation program at the University of Richmond School of Law ensures that students: 

  • Discern their own values, strengths, and motivating interests in relation to their individual practice, the legal profession, and society;
  • Engage in a process of self-directed learning and professional development that includes opportunities for practice, feedback, and self-assessment; 
  • Attain critical interpersonal lawyering skills, including cultural self-awareness, attentiveness, responsiveness, and empathy;
  • Prioritize attorney well-being as essential to professional excellence, ethical practice, and superior client service; and
  • Recognize the professional obligation of lawyers to promote justice and equity, serve the public good, and dismantle racism and other forms of oppression, marginalization, and exclusion in the legal system.

Read reflections from students on the importance of service, charting a vision for 21st century legal practice, and finding meaning in the study and practice of law.