Carrico Center Student Agreement

As a student participant in the Harry L. Carrico Center for Pro Bono & Public Service, I agree to the following:

  1. I will notify the Director of the Carrico Center of my placement status by signing up for a posting and, if I later change my mind, immediately contact the Center Director.
  2. I will stay in touch with the Center Director and with my supervising attorney throughout my placement.
  3. I will ask my supervisor to set clear parameters for my assignments, to give me deadlines, and to provide feedback on my work.
  4. I will take deadlines seriously. If I cannot meet a deadline due to unforeseeable or exceptional circumstances, I will communicate this information to the supervising attorney as well as the Center Director.
  5. I will not perform legal work or provide legal advice if I am not supervised by an attorney. Furthermore, I will not present myself to anyone as an attorney.
  6. I will maintain the confidentiality of any information regarding cases on which I work and only discuss the facts of cases with the supervising attorney.
  7. I understand that my pro bono placements should consist of my performing substantive legal work. Routine office work may be expected as part of my placement. However, if clerical work becomes the focus of my placement work, I will notify my supervisor or the Center Director.
  8. If there is a problem with my placement, I will discuss it with my supervisor or the contact person at my placement. If the problem is not resolved, I will call the Center Director.
  9. I acknowledge my obligation to report the hours I have worked using the resources provided to me by the program, and I agree that all timekeeping and other information reported by me will be accurate to the best of my knowledge, information, and belief. I understand that, if I misrepresent any information regarding hours I have worked, I may be denied pro bono credit.
  10. I agree to act in a professionally responsible manner in accordance with the Rules of Professional Conduct of the Virginia State Bar (
  11. If I am a third year law student wishing to act pursuant to the Third Year Practice Rule, RULES OF PROF’L CONDUCT R. 15 (2007), I understand I must obtain the written consent of the person on whose behalf I will appear and that I must notify the court of my planned appearance.
  12. I further agree to contact the Center Director if I have any questions about confidentiality, ethics, or the substance of my case.
  13. The community engagement activities supported by the Carrico Center are being conducted virtually during the current Lime Stage of UR’s Physical Distancing Framework. In any work I do through the Carrico Center and/or to support my local community, I understand that I am strongly encouraged to comply with the guidelines set forth by the Centers for Disease Control, the Virginia Department of Health, and the UR Healthy Web Compact to ensure my health and safety, and the health and safety of those around me.



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