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UR Online is a free, password-protected service provided by the University to encourage communication among alumni and with the University.

Helpful hints:

  • Use the "Advanced Search" feature for more search options
  • To limit your search results to only include alumni of the School of Law, select "Juris Doctor" in the "Degree" field (note: try "Bachelor of Law" for alumni in the 1960s and earlier)
  • Update your personal profile to select which fields are visible in the directory search
Law Alumni Events

The School of Law hosts social and networking events year-round for alumni of the law school.

Social Media
  • Our LinkedIn group exists to allow students and alumni of the University of Richmond School of Law to connect with the Law School and with each other.
  • Our Facebook page allows you to stay connected with the latest news and updates from the law school.
  • Follow @URLawSchool on Twitter for news and events.