Richmond Law & Business Forum

The Richmond Law & Business Forum is a new co-curricular program at the University of Richmond School of Law to help students prepare for careers in business law. Directed by Professor Jessica Erickson and supported by a team of students, the program will host events related to business law and connect students to business lawyers in the community.


Members of the Founding Board

Student Name Class
Mayesha Alam 1L
Miracle Amo 1L
Noland Butler 2L
James Cirignano 1L
Sophia Diamond 3L
John Dickinson 2L
Camera Elliot 1L
Erin Gormley 1L
Patrick Macher 3L
Ian McDowell 2L
Sarah Nickols 2L
Onyekachi Njubigbo 2L
Michael Wilgus 3L

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