Scholarships, Financial Aid, and Other Financial Support

Generous Renewable Scholarships

Richmond Law's financial aid program includes awards ranging from $5,000 to full tuition. Law scholarships are renewable annually for up to 6 semesters as long as a student is enrolled full time and making satisfactory academic progress toward their law degree. There are no additional stipulations.

All applicants to Richmond Law are considered for scholarship awards. It is advisable to have your application on file as soon as possible, allowing test scores and support documents to follow. Awards are based on applicants’ academic records, Law School Admission Test scores, and potential for leadership in the legal profession.


Total # of Students 421
# Receiving Scholarships 353
# of Awards Less than Half Tuition 176
# of Awards Half to Full Tuition 82
Median Scholarship Award $30,000

LLM Scholarships

All students admitted to the LLM degree program are automatically considered for merit-based scholarships, and no additional application forms are required. Merit scholarships are awarded based on the applicant’s academic performance and professional experience, and in the past, over 75% of our students have received some form of partial scholarship. These scholarships do not cover all tuition expenses, and an additional source of outside funding is required.


All students at University of Richmond School of Law are eligible to finance their education through the use of federal loan programs. Federal Direct Loans are available to students regardless of the demonstration of eligibility for need-based aid. We strongly recommend that students take advantage of the Federal Direct Loan program before opting for private loans, which generally have higher interest rates and higher fees than federal loans. For more information on our financial aid resources visit our Financial Aid Office page.

Information regarding loan repayment may be found at

For an overview of frequently asked questions, click here.

Other Financial Support

Guaranteed Summer Public Service Fellowship Awards

Recognizing that sometimes the summer job that is of greatest interest to a student may be an unpaid or underfunded position, Richmond Law guarantees a $4,000 summer fellowship to support every student who takes such a position with a government or non-profit entity anywhere in the world.

Research Assistant Positions

There are many opportunities within the law school for students to work as research assistants for faculty. Research assistants are paid $11- $13 per hour.

Bridge to Practice Fellowship Program

Each year the school offers several Bridge to Practice Fellowships to graduating students. The fellowships provide a stipend of $2,000 per month for up to four months for students who take an unpaid position government or public interest position. Last year we provided five bridge-to-practice fellowships.