UR Wellbeing

UR Wellbeing enhances our academic offerings through carefully designed programs aimed at preparing our students for both the practice and the profession of law. We’ve equipped this website with the tools you need to pursue physical, mental, financial, and professional well-being throughout your education and career.

Physical Wellness

Your health is a top priority throughout your years in law school. Learning how to maintain a healthy lifestyle will be key for managing stress now and in the future. Being physically active keeps you mentally fit and will increase your energy and reduce stress.

Nutrition Services
Walking & Running Trails
Intramural Opportunities

Mental Wellness

Law students are often known for living “unbalanced” lives, and many students almost take pride in the fact that law school consumes an enormous amount of their time. The reality is that few law students take the time to make a priority of living a balanced life. Yet, it is this very neglect of the other areas of one’s life that can lead to a host of mental health conditions. Finding effective coping mechanisms is critical to properly managing mental health issues and preventing them from becoming larger problems.

Resiliency in Action
ABA National Task Force on Lawyer Well-Being

Financial Wellness

Protecting and nurturing your law school investment is important to your future success. You need guidance and support to make informed financial decisions, during law school and beyond. The financial fundamental Balancing Act sessions help provide you with the framework for making those sound decisions. We have also partnered with the AccessLex Institute to bring you an innovative personal finance program, MAX by AccessLex, created exclusively for law students.

Cash Course Money Guide
Wise Bread