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Emroch Faculty Colloquy Series

Welcome to Richmond Law’s Emroch Faculty Colloquy Series. We're proud to introduce the 2016-2017 lineup of speakers. For more information, please contact Jessica Erickson, Associate Dean for Faculty Development. Support for the colloquy series is provided by the Emanuel Emroch Endowment Fund.

Ganesh Sitaraman

September 9, 2016
Ganesh Sitaraman
Vanderbilt Law School
The Middle Class Constitution

Russell Gold

September 16, 2016
Russell Gold
Wake Forest University School of Law
"Clientless" Prosecutors

Michael Pappas

September 23, 2016
Michael Pappas
University of Maryland School of Law
Environmental Market Design

Lauren Ouziel

September 30, 2016
Lauren Ouziel
Temple University School of Law
Federal Drug Enforcement and the Limits of Penal Reform

Akhil Amar

October 7, 2016
Akhil Reed Amar
Yale Law School
The Constitution at a Crossroads

Pat Williams

October 14, 2016
Patricia J. Williams
Columbia Law School
Occupying Wisdom: On the Legalisms of Short Memory

Jeanne Fromer

January 27, 2017  
Jeanne Fromer
New York University School of Law
The Function of Fashion in Copyright Law

Frederick Tung

February 10, 2017
Frederick Tung
Boston University School of Law
Do Economic Conditions Drive DIP Lending?: Evidence from the Financial Crisis

Pamela Karlan

February 24, 2017  
Pamela S. Karlan
Stanford Law School
Undue Burdens, Abortion, and Voting Rights

Doug Berman

March 17, 2017  
Douglas A. Berman
The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law
Who Will (and Who Should) Define the Future of Marijuana Law?


Apr. 7, 2017  
Jeffrey M. Hirsh
University of North Carolina School of Law
Cooperation or Conflict? Giving Employees a Voice in the Uber Economy

Vicki Jackson

Apr. 14, 2017  
Vicki C. Jackson
Harvard Law School
Constitutionalism and Comparison