First-Year Job Search Calendar


  • Participate in New Student Orientation and focus on making the transition to law school.
  • Complete interest questionnaire via Symplicity.
  • Review career planning links and employment search document templates on the CDO website.
  • Create or update your LinkedIn profile. Review your online presence and remove inappropriate content. Join the University of Richmond LinkedIn page and the CDO's Government and Public Interest Twitter feed.
  • Begin thinking about what type of attorney or other professional you want to be and the type of work settings you might enjoy. Begin to identify your career goals and employment skills.
  • Begin thinking about where you want to live and work during summer breaks and after graduation. Think broadly about geographic locations of choice including areas where you have connections, or where there is a robust legal practice but fewer recent law graduates.
  • Start building an employment search network tracking document that identifies relatives, friends, teachers, attorneys, alumni, business associates, and other acquaintances who may help you learn more about legal employment opportunities. Communicate with your contacts about the start of your law school career and any summer or future employment goals.
  • Attend CDO informational programs that interest you.
  • Attend CDO Open House to meet CDO staff (Sept. 3).
  • Attend Think Like a Professional: Communicating Effectively to learn the etiquette, professional tone and format expected via different modes of communication (Sept. 5).
  • Attend CDO 1L Career Immersion to begin thinking about the career development process, understand how to differentiate yourself and how to network, and distinguish between law practice areas, styles, and settings (Sept. 13).
  • Attend Get to Know…LISC's General Counsel Michael Levine (Sept. 24).
  • Order networking cards by Sept. 20.


  • Receive welcome message from your career advisor.
  • Attend CDO 1L Employment Search Skills Workshops: How to Find Your Summer Job to learn about resources for pursuing summer employment, guidelines for resume and cover letters, and other tips for success (Oct. 15, 16, 17 and 20).
  • Attend Meeting and Greeting Alumni: A Fall Gathering Pre-Reception Crash Course and Fall Gathering alumni reception (Oct. 24).
  • Attend How I Spent My Summer Break: Student Tips to 1Ls on Finding a Summer Job to learn successful employment search tips from 2Ls and 3Ls (Oct. 31).
  • Prepare resume and sample cover letter (optional) for review by career advisor. Review samples and use templates on the CDO website.
  • Attend one-on-one appointment with your career advisor. Work with your advisor to develop a strategy for summer employment and post-graduate employment.
  • Log into Symplicity and familiarize yourself with our employment database. Upload your resume. Begin to review 1L employment listings posted on Symplicity for which you may begin applying on Dec. 1.
  • Become familiar with the various career-related resources available online (e.g., Martindale Hubbell, NALP Directory, PSJD, Government Honors & Internships Handbook). Research and identify legal employers that hire 1Ls in your preferred geographic and practice areas.


  • Incorporate advisor feedback to finalize your resume and upload it to Symplicity.
  • Begin researching law firms as well as public interest, government, business, and other employers. Create a target employer list.
  • In Symplicity, review summer employment evaluations completed by students who previously interned at target employers.
  • Draft cover letters for various types of employers and employment settings and work with your advisor to refine them.
  • Become a student member of bar associations and legal interest groups in your geographic areas of interest.
  • Attend Thinking Like a Professional: Navigating Ethical Minefields in an Employment Search to learn best practices regarding networking, applying for employment, and accepting interviews and offers (Nov. 7).
  • Attend the Judicial Clerkship Series: Judges' Perspectives to learn what makes a clerkship applicant successful (Nov. 19).
  • Attend 1L Interview Skills Workshop: the Basics to learn tips, techniques and best practices for making a positive self-presentation during screening and call-back interviews (Nov. 21).
  • Attend Maximizing Symplicity to learn how to use the system effectively (Nov. 24, 25, Dec. 1, 2).
  • Conduct a videotaped mock interview in the Career Development Office if you plan to interview over fall or winter break.
  • Line up references from law school faculty and previous employers.


  • Submit resumes and cover letters if seeking summer positions with large law firms, government agencies, judges, or other employers interested in receiving resumes at this time (Dec. 1). Initiate contact with other legal employers you have identified about summer employment. Organize this information so you will have a record of your contacts, and schedule regular follow up with those contacts.
  • Set up informational interviews during semester break with individuals in your employment search network. If you need assistance with expanding your list of contacts, talk with your career advisor.
  • Arrange a shadowing opportunity over winter break with an attorney to observe a legal office and gain experience.

Winter Break

  • Conduct informational interviews in a variety of legal/alternative settings to explore opportunities and expand your professional network.
  • Research and identify via Symplicity employers of interest who are coming on campus to hire 1Ls through the spring On-Campus Interview Program (OCI) and the Government & Public Interest Interview Program (GPIIP) (Feb. 13). Begin preparing your application materials for these employers.
  • Attend employer receptions or bar association holiday parties in your hometown, if applicable.
  • Develop applications for GPIIP and spring OCI.


  • Meet again with your career advisor to update your employment search strategy and application documents.
  • Apply for the GPIIP via Symplicity (mid-January).
  • Apply for spring OCI via Symplicity.
  • Update resume to include grades (if desired) and send to employers to whom you have applied previously. Update network tracking document.
  • Mail resumes and cover letters to small and mid-size law firms, banks, and corporations with legal staffs, legal publishers, associations, government agencies, and public interest employers to inquire about summer employment. (Note: Many of these employers hire 1Ls as volunteers.)
  • Submit application for the Washington Metro Area Corporate Counsel Association scholarship and in-house placement (early January). To learn more about the scholarship awards and experiential learning opportunities in the legal departments of regional companies and organizations, visit the WMACCA website.
  • Contact legal employers who are not interviewing on campus.
  • Attend Funding Summer Public Sector Work program to learn about the guidelines and application process for Richmond Law summer stipends (Jan. 16).
  • Attend Are You LinkedIn? for tips on maximizing social media networking efforts (Jan. 23).
  • Attend Interview Skills Workshop: Best Practices in Action to hear from upperclass students about their interview experiences and see best practices in action (Jan. 30).


  • Participate in Alumni Mock Interview program (Feb. 3).
  • Attend GPIIP Overview to receive your GPIIP schedule and receive tips on the interview format and follow-up process (Feb. 6).
  • Schedule out-of-town interviews (including informational interviews) for spring break.
  • If invited for interviews, participate in spring OCI (mid-February).
  • If invited for interviews, participate in GPIIP (Feb. 14).
  • Attend the Judicial Clerkship Series: Interviewing with Judges if you are planning to apply for a judicial clerkship to start preparing for the interview process (Feb. 20).
  • Attend Judicial Clerkship Series: Why You Should Apply for a Bankruptcy Clerkship to learn what it is like to clerk for a bankruptcy judge (Feb. 25).
  • Attend Small Firm Hiring to hear when small law firms are most likely to hire and how they identify potential candidates (Feb. 27).
  • Submit Intent to Participate Form for the Summer Stipend Program, even if you do not have summer employment lined up (by Feb. 27).
  • Apply for summer Clinical Placements through Professor Margaret Bacigal.
  • Report interviews and summer employment offers to your career advisor.
  • Reach out to law professors whom you have an interest in assisting with legal research and writing this summer.


  • Collaborate with your career advisor to fine-tune your spring break employment search plans. Conduct self-initiated employment and informational interviews during spring break.Collaborate with your career advisor to fine-tune your spring break employment search plans. Conduct self-initiated employment and informational interviews during spring break.
  • Attend Career Conversations, the CDO’s annual spring networking event with attorneys from various practice areas (Mar. 3).
  • If interested, apply for a position on the CDO Advisory Board.
  • Continue to contact smaller law firms, corporations with small legal staffs, government agencies and public interest organizations. Also contact state court judges about volunteer law clerk positions.
  • Submit applications for summer fellowship grants from public interest groups, such as the Equal Justice Works Summer Corps Program.


  • Attend Summer Success program to hear tips from employers and students on making the most of your summer internship experience (Apr. 17).
  • Meet with career advisor to review summer and fall recruiting opportunities. Be mindful that job fairs and fall OCI have summer application deadlines.
  • Participate in competitions for moot court, mock trial, and law journals.
  • Report summer employment to your career advisor if you have not done so already.
  • Continue to check Symplicity for employment if you do not have a full summer lined up.
  • Comply with priority deadline to submit complete Summer Stipend Application and required attachments (Apr. 24). Stipend priority payments will be issued by May 15.


  • Report summer employment to your career advisor if you have not done so already.
  • Continue to check Symplicity for employment if you do not have a full summer lined up.
  • Comply with final deadline to submit Summer Stipend Application and required attachments (no later than May 22). Stipend payments will be issued by June 19.
  • Student application deadline for 2015 Loyola Patent Law Interview Program (early May), 2015 Southeastern Intellectual Property Job Fair (early May), and 2015 Southeastern Minority Job Fair (late May).