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Why clerk? Serving as a judicial law clerk is a unique professional opportunity. A clerkship also often results in a relationship with a judge that will have enduring personal and professional value, and access to a network that can include current and former clerks, other judicial personnel and lawyers. Finally, clerking can be great fun and enormously satisfying.

University of Richmond School of Law graduates have an enviable record of success, securing among the highest percentage of judicial clerkships in the country. Recent graduates and seasoned alumni clerk at the federal, state appellate, and state circuit court levels.

The Career Development Office and faculty Judicial Clerkship Committee (Professors Kristen Osenga - Chair, Carl Tobias, and Rachel Suddarth) provide guidance in the judicial clerkship application process. Insterested students should contact us for more information about judicial clerkships.

Interested first-year and second-year students may want to pursue summer judicial internships or school-year clinical placements with judges as valuable experiences that may assist students in preparing for the role of a judicial clerk.

The process of applying for clerkships begins with making an appointment with Valerie L'Herrou, the clerkship advisor in the Career Development Office.

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Justice Sonia Sotomayor:

"It is the best way to learn the law. You can learn more in one year of clerking than you learn in eight years of practicing at a firm."