Employment Application Document Preparation

A well-crafted application is essential to securing a position in the current competitive market. The CDO can help you tailor your materials to highlight your interest in each employer and qualifications related to the specific position. Use our guides, samples and templates to get started.

Resumé Writing Guide
Bullet Resumé (one address) Example/Template
Bullet Resumé (two address) Example/Template
Paragraph Resumé (one address) Example/Template
Paragraph Resumé (two address) Example/Template
Bullet Reference List Example
Paragraph Reference List Example
Cover Letters:
Cover Letter Format Document

Grade List:
Grade List Example

Network Tracking Document:
Network Tracking Document Example

Network Tracking Document Template

Writing Samples:
Writing Sample Guide

Request a meeting with a career advisor for feedback on your resumé, cover letter or other documents. Please e-mail or drop off draft documents in the CDO when you schedule your appointment so we can review them in advance of our meeting with you. Alternatively, you may send an email message with attachments to your career advisor or to lawresume@richmond.edu. Experienced advisors will review your materials and provide feedback within three business days.