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Please submit this form to have your upcoming law school or university event included in the following:

  • The Docket – email newsletter distributed each Sunday and Thursday with a listing of coming events and special announcements (must be submitted by Friday at 9 a.m. or Wednesday at 9 a.m. for inclusion on Sunday or Thursday, respectively)
  • Richmond Law event calendar
  • Law school's official Facebook page and Twitter feed (limited availability)

Questions about The Docket? Please contact Mary Ruth Walters.

Please note that to reserve space at the law school, you must complete a space reservation request form, available on our Events Info page.

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For more information, who should people contact? By sharing this information, you are granting us permission to publish your name and email address within your event description on the online Events Calendar.




Law School Monitors

If you would like to advertise your event on the two monitors located in the law school lobby and hallway by the library, please send your digital flyer to Mary Ruth Walters. We have reconfigured the monitors to include a daily "what's happening and where" list, so please note the new requirements for digital flyers.

For best results:

  • Size your slide to 1280x720 pixels (a widescreen 16:9 slide in PowerPoint).
  • Minimize text: A dozen words or less is ideal.
  • Keep fonts large and easy to read (sans serif fonts like Arial & Helvetica are best).
  • Save as a JPG, especially if you're using any non-standard fonts.

Submissions are subject to editing for aesthetic purposes and to conform with university guidelines. Digital flyers will be posted for up to seven days leading up to an event (or registration deadline, if applicable).