Library Policies

Wireless Internet Access Policy
Short-term visitors to the University of Richmond campus may connect their Wi-Fi enabled device to the “VisitUR” wireless network for internet access and public-facing web sites. Complete information on this guest network and how to access it is found on the VisitUR Wireless Network page, maintained by Information Services.

While on campus, students, staff, and faculty can access the University network through the campus-wide wireless network (called “urwin”). This access requires certain security settings, which our computing services team can assist with.

Conversations—including those conversations at tables and chairs and in the lobby—should be kept to a quiet level in order to avoid disturbing fellow patrons. All carrel and stack portions of the library are quiet zones; please do not talk in these areas.

Smoking and the use of any other tobacco is prohibited in all areas of the library. This includes electronic cigarettes, chewing tobacco, and related products.

Covered beverages are permitted in the library, as well as "snack-type" foods. Individual as well as group meals should be consumed in areas outside of the library.

Small Appliances
Small appliances, such as coffee makers, are not permitted in library carrels.

Re-shelving carts are located next to the doors leading to the main stairwell on all levels of the library. Please place books to be re-shelved on these carts, and a library employee will re-shelve them.

Phones are available near the elevators in the library for students to contact the circulation desk for assistance, or report problems. They may not be used for other purposes. Phones at service desks are for the use of library employees only.

Cell Phones
Cell phones may not be used in the open areas of the Law Library. All patrons should turn off the ring feature on their cellular phones when entering the library. Please visit the “phone pod” room on the second floor to make calls without disturbing others in the library. Please begin and end calls in this room, as the surrounding areas are meant for quiet study.

Contacting Patrons, Book Retrieval
The library does not page patrons or have a way to contact people in our building. Also, patrons who need to check out anything from a library collection on campus should bring materials to the library circulation desk. We cannot retrieve books for patrons.

Exit Alarms
There are two authorized exits from the library. The primary entrance and exit remains located on the first floor adjacent to the circulation desk. A new, second entrance now exists on the second floor, near a newly-renovated section of our space.

All other exits are to be used in emergencies only. Opening an emergency exit or stepping on the warning mats in front of these doors will activate the alarm system. Intentionally exiting through an unauthorized door is a violation of the University of Richmond Code of Conduct and may be a violation of the University of Richmond School of Law Honor Code

Security System
The Law Library has an electronic security system to prevent unauthorized removal of library materials. Both library entrances are also monitored by surveillance cameras. Attempts to circumvent the security systems are violations of the University’s Code of Conduct and may be a violation of the School of Law Honor Code.

Fines for overdue materials are assessed as follows:

  • Reserve Materials and equipment:$0.50 per hour while the library is open.
  • Lost Book: Circulating materials more than three months overdue will be declared lost. The patron will be charged the cost of the book, a $10.00 processing fee, and all accrued fines.

The unauthorized removal, mutilation, or abuse of library equipment and materials is prohibited. Such acts are a violation of law under Title 42.1 of the Code of Virginia.

Violations of library rules may result in suspension of the user’s library privileges and could subject Law students to sanctions under the School of Law Honor Code or the University’s Standards of Student Conduct.

Visitor Parking
University Parking Services will ticket unregistered vehicles in the School of Law parking lot. Visitors may obtain a temporary parking permit from the library staff. For a more extended visit, visitors may obtain free parking passes by contacting Parking Services in the University’s Special Programs Building at (804) 289-8703 or

Animals are not allowed in the library. Exceptions will be made for registered service dogs that that meet the ADA definition of a service animal:

ADA Service Animal Definition