Faculty Committees

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  • Admissions

    Julie McConnell, Chair
    Danny Schaffa
    Tamar Schwartz
    Danielle Stokes
    Jonathan Stubbs
    Michelle Heck, ex officio

  • Clerkships

    Rachel Suddarth, Chair
    Carl Tobias
    Kevin Walsh
    Aaron Campbell, ex officio

  • Curriculum

    Chris Cotropia, Chair
    Janice Craft
    Hayes Holderness
    Corinna Lain
    Kristen Osenga
    Jack Preis
    Kevin Walsh
    Laura Webb

  • Distinguished Educator

    Clark Williams, Chair
    Joel Eisen
    Andy Spalding
    Emmy Reeves
    Doron Samuel-Siegel

  • Distinguished Scholar
    Kurt Lash, Chair
    Chris Cotropia
    David Epstein
    Jim Gibson
    Corinna Lain
    Carl Tobias
    Hank Chambers
  • Diversity & Inclusion

    Doron Samuel-Siegel, Chair
    Hank Chambers
    Erin Collins
    Jessica Erickson (spring sabbatical)
    Jim Gibson
    Meredith Harbach
    Molly Lentz-Meyer
    Luke Norris (spring research leave)
    Fallon Speaker
    Janet Hutchinson, ex officio
    Alex Sklut, ex officio

  • Intellectual Life

    Allison Tait, Chair
    Kurt Lash
    Corinna Lain
    Da Lin (fall leave)
    Noah Sachs (fall sabbatical)

  • Faculty Appointments

    Jim Gibson, Chair
    Jud Campbell
    Hank Chambers
    Corinna Lain
    Allison Tait
    Kevin Woodson

  • International Programs

    Andy Spalding, Chair
    Steve Allred
    Rebecca Crootof
    Chiara Giorgetti
    Clark Williams
    Susan Dudley, ex officio
    Michelle Heck, ex officio
    Fiona McCormick, ex officio

  • Library & Technology

    Roger Skalbeck, Chair
    Paul Birch (fall only)
    Hamilton Bryson
    Josh Kubicki

  • Student Awards

    Joel Eisen, Chair
    Erin Collins
    Ashley Dobbs
    Joyce Janto

  • Student Services

    Tara Casey, Chair
    Carol Brown
    Christopher Corts
    John Douglass
    David Epstein
    Alex Clay Hutchings
    Jack Preis
    Emmy Reeves
    Janet Hutchinson, ex officio
    Alex Sklut, ex officio

  • Promotion & Tenure

    Kristen Osenga, Chair

  • Honor Court

    Tara Casey, Advisor to Grievance Committee
    Joyce Janto, Advisor to Student Advocates
    John Douglass, Advisor to Honor Court
    David Frisch, Consultant
    Noah Sachs, Consultant

  • Bridge to Practice Fellowships

    Tara Casey, Chair
    John Douglass
    Ali Silva
    Julie McConnell
    Emmy Reeves
    Aaron Campbell, ex officio

  • University Committees

    Faculty Senate
    Meredith Harbach
    Mary Tate (presiden)

    Faculty Executive Committees
    Committee on Committees: Meredith Harbach
    Faculty Status and Faculty Credentials Committee: Ashley Dobbs, Joyce Janto
    Faculty Technology Committee: Roger Skalbeck
    Grievance Committee: David Frisch (chair)
    University Libraries Faculty Committee: Maureen Moran, Mei Kui Lo, Roger Skalbeck
    Faculty Hearing Committee: Chiara Giorgetti, Jonathan Stubbs

    Faculty Advisory Committees
    Academic Committee for International Engagement: Chiara Giorgetti
    Academic Disabilities Accommodation Committee: Andrew Frank, Alex Sklut
    Faculty Athletic Committee: Andrew Frank
    Faculty Development Committee: Kevin Walsh
    Faculty Finance & Operations: Meredith Harbach
    Honorary Degrees and Awards Committee: Kevin Woodson
    Student Co-curricular Academic Initiatives Committee: Jonathan Stubbs
    University Academic Program Committee: David Epstein 

    University Administrative Committees
    Cultural Affairs Committee: Mei Kiu Lo
    Data Analytics Committee: Chris Cotropia
    Fringe Benefits Committee: Tamar Schwartz
    Planning and Priorities Committee: Chris Cotropia
    Sustainability and Environmental Awareness Committee: Joel Eisen  

    University Board of Trustees
    Advancement Committee: Mary Tate

    Other Miscellaneous Committees
    Distinguished Educator Award Selection Committee: The prior year’s winner typically serves on the committee the next year.
    Ad hoc Ethics Committee: Christopher Corts