Faculty Initiatives

Faculty Colloquy Series
University of Richmond's Faculty Colloquy series features guest presentations on a variety of topics from nationally reputed legal academics.

KARAMAH: Muslim Women Lawyers for Human Rights
Founded in 1993 by Professor Azizah al-Hibri, KARAMAH is a charitable educational organization that focuses on domestic and global issues of human rights for Muslims. KARAMAH stands committed to research, education, and advocacy in matters pertaining to Muslim women and human rights in Islam, as well as civil rights and related freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States.

LINC (Legal Information Network for Cancer)
Co-founded in 1996 by Professor Ann Hodges and Phyllis Katz (L'82), LINC is an organization of volunteers committed to helping cancer patients resolve non-medical issues arising from the diagnosis or treatment of cancer. Serving the Central Virginia community, LINC provides information, education, counseling, and referral services for legal assistance to individuals confronted with the overwhelming array of choices and dilemmas associated with cancer.

Nonprofit Manual
In the spring of 2005, students enrolled in the University's Law of Non-profit Organizations course, which was taught by Professors Ann Hodges and Phyllis C. Katz, created a basic manual for starting a non-profit organization. One of the goals was to make the manual available to individuals interested in starting nonprofits or in learning about legal issues related to non-profit organizations.

U.S. Law School Printing Survey
Maintained by Law Library deputy director Joyce Manna Janto, this survey tracks student printing policies and charges in law schools throughout the United States.

The Junior Faculty Forum
The Junior Faculty Forum brings together junior law scholars to present their scholarship in an informal collegial atmosphere. The workshop is timed to allow participants to incorporate feedback on early ideas or projects before the summer.